The most challenging part about Blogging is Getting Started….isnt it for everything else as well in this world??? 😉

You have something in your mind, and some level of ability to put them into words..that’s all you need. This could be many things ranging from different subjects and genres. But instead you wait. You have number of excuses, but all you are is scared to make the first step and to enjoy that first move which could have lead you to a journey that is yours, owned and laid by you and only you.

Whenever i tried to start a blog the first question that would come in my mind would be – What do i Blog about?  Once i started writing essays on different topics that are mostly given in essay competitions and realized it was very boring, the second time i started with documenting all poems and quotes i had collected over years  – basically the diary i had maintained i thought i ll make it digital 😛 and it sucked after a week.

Every time that i had tried blogging, what also scared me was those blogs which had so many followers, comments, like and shares and to add to the fear even, dare i say it, advertisers!  

So i realized its not about what you want to write, its about what you enjoy talking/letting people know/evaluate/analyze/or just like about that you should blog. These big bloggers i mentioned about above, were normal people like you and me, with their own fear and insecurities.

So i decided just like they started blogging by keeping their fears aside, i did the same and started my blog the third and for sure the last one too. (yes am sure its the final one)

Sneha (gal from the island)


14 thoughts on “What is the toughest part about Blogging?”

  1. Definitely sums up every new blogger’s fear. “Will anyone ever read it?” that was my biggest fear too. Then I realized, yes “I” will read it and have to say WordPress bloggers have been real friendly. Soon you’ll have a community of your own too if you stick with it.

    Happy Blogging!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Hey Grace…you just made my day…!!! Officially you are the first person whom i dont know personally that has read my blog and commented. Really happy and hell yeah I’m gonna stick to it. 🙂

  2. Grace.. i just read your blog.. the #zerotohero challenge you really took it to another level must tell very interesting! I had gone through the site and took tips and tricks from it, specially using tags.
    In the beginning I didnt get the Day 11 post of yours but when i started reading your blog from the first it made so much sense – #beagoodneighbor 🙂 keep up the good work and i am gonna hold on to you too

  3. u pretty much nailed it…’starting problems’. I can’t imagine I have carved a small place for myself in this blogging world..and I am already 215 posts old 🙂 not much I know..but it was the 1st one which was the most difficult

  4. Couldn’t agree more, ‘Would anyone read it?’ was one of my biggest fears too, along with what do I do when I run out of topics to write about.

    – Style.. A Pastiche! – New OOTD Post

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