Six Word Story Challenge

I came across this challenge when Grace commented on one of my first few blogs and i was really overwhelmed seeing the comment from a totally random person 🙂 And that was it i ended up going through each and every word of Grace’s blog which undoubtedly is so creative, interesting and something to look forward to like a daily dose of pill you need to have. Thanks Grace once again and yeah as we discussed going to stick to  – Grace’s 20dayworld 

This challenge originally was posted by Six Word Story Challenge by Benedict to frame a story in six words based on a theme – a word, which i think is really gonna challenge one’s writing , analyzing and interpretation of a simple word  into so many different experiences and themes.

So here i go with my attempt to this weeks challenge. Waiting to hear your comments 

Lost myself cause i lost you


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    1. Thanks Benedict for stopping by and taking a look at it. Please do read my other posts , i would be a real motivation to get reviews from you. Thanks once again.

  1. Hey!! thanks so much for the mention!! You are awesome!! 🙂 🙂
    and amazing six word story 😉

  2. Swetha Sukhavasi says: Reply

    WOW is all I could get!!!

  3. Simply awesomeeeeeee 🙂 🙂

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