Teachers’s day was celebrated all over India yesterday 5th September 2015. This occasion is marked to celebrate the birth anniversary of the second President of India, academic philosopher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

 || Gurur Brahmaa Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwarah Guru SaakshaataParabrahma Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah ||

Is a widely quoted Sanskrit sloka (verse) which means The teacher is creator Brahma; he is preserver Vishnu; he is also the destroyer Siva and he is the source of the Absolute

And on this day, i take this honor of thanking all those people who have held my hands, opened my mind and touched my heart.

HAPPY TEACHER’s DAY!!! – MOM, the first and my best teacher in life who helped me be the person i am today. I wish you were here cause i really need you now more than ever, your scoldings, your love, your guidance, those letters of yours when we were miles apart for always keeping me grounded, i miss them. I miss you mummy. You have been the best teacher not just for me but for all the students you have taught, i could tell it from the number of students who turned up at your rituals and so many days even after that.

I also thank Subhalakshmi mam who helped me take my first dance steps and nurturing that interest in me when i was just 4, along with Beena Mam and Arpita Hawlader mam.

12 years of my life i have been guided by my Carmel Teachers who have helped me shape my life. Unless and until the roots are strong, a tree can never grow happy and tall. Thank you Sr. Lucy Lobo, Manju ChauhanMridula Rai mam, Afshan Taqui mam,Shanta Mam, Sumita Mam, Sharma Sir, Harpal Sir, Dayawanthi Mam, Benny Mam, Dorothy Mam, Jesurani Rajasekhar, Changappa Mam, Lena Parvathy mam, Trohi mam, Veluswami sir, Kanwarlal Sir, Mary Darsan sir and everyone else…Thank you!!

And finally my coolest engineering teachers – Preetha Anthony mam, Sangeetha mam, Ravi Prakash Reddy sir, Lakshmi Deepthi mam, Sudhakar Reddy sir, Anitha Chepuru mam, Ramacharan Sriramakavacham sir, Smitha mam, Alakanandana mam, Jahnavi mam.

Thank you for guiding me all these years with your love and affection. The most noble job that you do – guide us, support us, inspire us, teach us. Today and every day is a day to thank you.

Rashmi Devi and Beeda Anil to the worlds bestest Chachi’s (aunts) who have never let me miss mom in the last four years. I love you two. For teaching me every single day how to be a better person. 

Sasi Kumar : my handsome DAD, for taking place of everyone else in my life. Mummy, teachers everyone else’s role you fulfill without any complaints every day.i love you dad

Sneha(gal from the island)


35 thoughts on “Thank you Teachers!”

  1. Isn’t it happiness to pay a tribute to our teachers through writing? I too wrote a post for Teachers day and my post too had the same heading!
    Though mine is a poem!

    Words always fall short when we express about them!


    1. we often forget ppl who help us mould the individual we are today as we grow into adults. We owe a lot to them and if not anything a thank you is enough to show that gratitude. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 And cheers on the same heading.

    1. cheers to be kids of teachers!!! Some how that makes us really understand the kind of effort they put in helping us grow as the individuals we are. Proud to be kids to teachers. thanks for stopping by and have a happy weekend

  2. Mother is the first and the best teacher. = The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. This proverb exhausts that mother is the only personality who teaches the first word to call her and morality that the child has to follow throughout the life in order to make her child grow into a total personality. Whatever the mother teaches her child it creates permanent impression in the heart and mind of the child and so the life of the child gets embodied with the mother’s teaching. The influence of mother over her children will be strong that she will make a dull child into a brilliant child.

    1. truly said. I think they leave a huge impact on us even when they are gone.. thanks for stopping by and sharing ur thoughts. 🙂 Moms are always special and all i am today i owe it to her. happy weekend!

  3. They deserve respect and thanks, for shaping us into what we are currently. Your teachers must be proud of you. #UpMyRank

    1. I hope i could make them proud in the small little ways i can. Thanks for stopping by and all the best with the challenge. I really dont think i can take up the challenge even though i have signed up for it. Hectic work these days. All the best to you though, Would try visitign the blogs atleast

  4. That’s a lovely tribute to all the teachers in your life :). They are the ones who nurture us, care or us, teach us the rights and wrongs and finally help us grow into good human beings to take on the big bad world out there :D.

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