I really enjoy drawing cartoon characters. I am not good at drawing but i can always see the image and draw (only cartoons for some reason ). I have been doing this for quite sometime and thought of uploading them to my blog as well. So here i am with a new category in my Potpourri – MY LOVE FOR CARTOONS and would be uploading all the drawings as and when i finish them.

My first post is from the cartoon series which i loved watching as a kid – TALESPIN – Wiki link

The character KIT – is in progress 🙂

Watch out for more …..!!!!


42 thoughts on “TALESPIN- In Progress”

  1. Baloo’s head needs a lil work, but I like what I am seeing. Care to try the raccoon gal and snake villain from the series, from that two-part episode when they uncovered the ancient beetle city?

          1. What? No. That’s not a girl from Tale Spin. I have to look up her name, but she was only in two episodes with a villain named Klang? (I think) He wore metal gloves and a cloak and was reduced to a snake with no limbs when the ancient beetle bells turned the ruins to dust. The raccoon woman was an archaeologist. I am not sure why she never appeared later.

  2. This one is cool 🙂 I loved this cartoon 🙂 And the way they use to say …Baloooooooooooooo 😀 . Looking forward to see your cartoon section 😉

  3. This is so cool!
    Fan art is so much fun to do and view!It brings back so many memories and art is something I have a weakness for 😀
    I might soon post some fan art myself!
    And the more you draw the better you’ll get,thumb rule 🙂

  4. This is so cool…it was one of my favorite too….also duck tales…the sketch is so smooth and flawless…Loved it…I also enjoy sketching but yours is simply awesome:-)

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