When i first took up Ben’s Six word story writing challenge i never knew i would get addicted to it and would be looking forward to see the new word that Ben would post every Sunday.  And what follows is a brainstorming session –  one word – so many interpretations – so many stories not only in my head alone but everyone who participates in this challenge. And then to read everyone else’s version of the same word is really interesting.

So my take into the 7th week, this time the Theme being – BETRAYAL 

My trial. Witness hostile. Charged guilty.




  1. Great one
    I just love six words stories

  2. Oh, I love six word stories. This was very good. 😀

  3. I am myself addicted to six word stories for a while now! Came across it through one of the challenges of the author John Green.
    This was good! 🙂

    1. Hey AdiC…thanks a ton! and yeah six word stories are awesome one word so many interpretations i keep looking forward for each one every weekend. I think i ll also have a look at John’s challenge. Do you mind posting his link here

      1. There you go :

        DFTBA! <3 (Google this and you will open up to a whole new world on the internet.) 😉

  4. Archana Kapoor says: Reply

    Isn’t this an amazing addiction 🙂
    Good take on the prompt…

    Hope to see you on Drishti sometime… Cheers, Archana 🙂

    1. Thanks a ton Archana. I am surely gonna be a part of Drishti and looking forward to your posts and feedback on mine.Peace. Sneha 🙂

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