This was one of the perfect weekends ever since i started blogging two months ago. Best cause this was the best weekend with dad here in Bangalore with me(technically speaking my dad and me have lived for two whole months together after like ten years since i moved out for my graduation and then job), long weekend (3 days of leave for an IT person is absolute bliss) and to see notification on my mobile in the morning that i now have A 100 FOLLOWERS 🙂 🙂 🙂 for my blog plus another Sisterhood  AWARD from Dauntlessdream ( i am gonna answer your questions in another post for sure) , What other reasons you need for a perfect weekend?? Yipeeeee Woohoooo and all those adjectives that you wana add to my happiness !!!! I am on cloud nine today!!! 

100 followers: BEFORE I STARTED BLOGGING my idea of blogging was totally different from what i have experienced in the last two months. I assumed blogging was just limited to writing your own thoughts and expecting random people to read it. I was also unaware of the happiness one feels when a word press notification pops up on your mobile saying XYZ has liked your post, ABC has commented on your post and more than anything XYZ and ABC have started following your blog!!!

NOW WHEN I AM INTO BLOGGING In the last two months i am sure nothing has made me this happy as much as the blogging world has by accepting me. And it’s not just about me and my blog, but the whole world of awesome writers,thinkers and beautiful people i have come across through my blogging is overwhelming! I am so addicted to read what people have written about certain things, how they have interpreted a simple word in various ways, to know about new cultures and lifestyle that was totally unaware to me that i am glued to my WordPress mobile app more than whatsapp and candy crush :P. I am really really happy!!!!

So am shouting out loud a BIGGGGGGG THANKKKKK YOUUUU to all those wonderful people who have subscribed to my blog, commented, liked, nominated, criticized, for the love and support and motivated to keep me going with LIFE AS A POTPOURRI my blog and not quit this time half way. I am gonna continue my journey which is a positive and enlightening experience for me. BLOGGING is one best gift i have given myself in the recent past and i am in love with it. Also to all my friends who don’t have a word press account yet visit my blog and comment and give their feedback regularly. Thank you Thank you!!! 

Being accepted by your family and friends is happiness, but being accepted by the world out there is privilege!!

GiveawaySo i would want to celebrate my happiness by giving away something personalized to all the 100 followers ( i haven’t decided on the logistics yet but i am gonna do this for sure, receiving a 100 followers is a MILESTONE)

Rules are pretty simple: Comment on this blog something about yourself or may be a nickname and abbreviation etc so that i can use it on whatever i am making and your email id (so that i can touch base with you if i further needed to). And i am serious about it!!! Am not selecting people in random but the first 100 subscribers of mine cause am in love with you!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 and ** it’s not limited to India alone** ! 


Sneha (gal from the island_


45 thoughts on “A 100 followers + Giveaway and another Blog Award :)”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS… Hey you really deserved it… Actually very lucky.. 100 follows within 2 months! That’s great.. I started my blog 6months ago and recently I reached 118 followers… I really need to learn from you… Many more 100 s to come..
    Happy blogging..

    1. Hello Abhijit.. thank you so much for appreciation, really happy!!! I dont know whats the reason that i made a 100 followers in two whatever it is ..i hope it only amplifies in the future 😀 And yeah cheers to many more 100s !!!
      P.S : i ll let u know the strategy if i find one..if not i hope you reach many more 100s soon

      1. You are very welcome and you totally deserved it…
        Hope for many 100s in near future… Keep writing and keep reading my blog.. 🙈😜😜
        Happy blogging…

  2. A heart full of gratitude is a heart full of love!

    Glad you had such amazing weekend and last two months with dad.

    Congratulations on 100 followers and award.

    Have a lovely week ahead.

    Love and light <3

    Anand 🙂

  3. Hey.. Congrats dear.. Its true that we will be on cloud 9 when we realize that people are accepting our writings.. People around the world are liking your words.. 🙂 Its a great achievement.. Big congrats and teddy huggs!!
    <3 🙂 <3

    And here its is..

    I wanna read your memories about Kerala.. 🙂
    If you can please.. :

    And my mailid is :

    1. Thank you Nimz…. u have been inspiring me a lot just like NJ di.. thanks a ton!! 🙂 and thank you for the first one to comment with the email 🙂 No one else is doing..i was serious about it 😛
      loads of love and hugs to u too… muah

      1. All love my dear.. 🙂
        You deserve these words.. and m not inspiring!! 🙂
        Its all for you.. My set of words for your set of words.. 🙂
        <3 <3 🙂 <3 <3

  4. Congratulations Sneha 🙂 I know how it feels when you reach 100 followers 🙂 its an ecstatic feeling 😀 …I am glad you made it this quick 😉 And now this speaks volumes about your blog that people are loving what you are writing 🙂 So keep up the good work girl 🙂
    Love <3

    1. Thank u so much NJ.. u for sure know have been an inspiration to me and many others….!!! The feeling is really overwhelming even more why i would definitely tell sometime!! 🙂 Thank u for the love and support 😀

      1. 🙂 When you say I have been an inspiration 😛 then it really makes me dance 😉 like a monkey 😀 I would certainly love to know the reason behind this overwhelming feeling of yours 😉 Love <3

  5. Congratulations Sneha for making it large 😊😊
    Remember we still have to write a post on GoT 😜😜
    All the very very best for your future. May you get many many more followers. 😊

    And here it is, my favourite excerpt from my favourite post- “Situations don’t make you strong, they make you realise how strong you already are.”

    My mail id is:

    All the very best for your future 😊😊

    1. Yeah yeah definitely we would write one post on #GOT for sure specially even more cause Jon Snow is back and this time he would know everything.
      And glad you dropped your mail id.. not many are doing it 😛

  6. U stay in Bangalore .. M a banglorean too.
    Well ur posts are amazing . you got what it requires to be a good writer. Of course u r a nice person too..
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you so much Dipyaman for following me, really appreciate it 🙂 !!!
      And if you are just 12 years old and you are into blogging then i must tell you know what you want at this age in your life and you have actually saved so many years!!!
      I would definitely be happy to read your blog and express my views on it. Happy Blogging and just dont stop and pour your heart out. We are there to listen to the next gen views on life!!
      Loads of love and wishes!!!

      1. You are so right! Not so many “new” bloggers really are ‘into life’, if I will post its got to be something lovable!
        Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and seeing what I want tell!
        Hope you keep loving it!

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