#Zentangle – Post 01

Hello Potpourriers (is that even a word :)) How have you all been doing??

I am so not liking that i didn’t publish even a single post since i reached a +100 followers…how could i be so mean??? Hmmm well.. i am not i so love all my followers for their awesomeness!!. 

ZENTANGLE – This was something i came across accidentally on YouTube while looking out for some art tools. I have seen such a kind of art a lot many times but didn’t know it had its own name and fan following. So what exactly it is ?? Zentangle is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. It is a fascinating new art form that is fun and relaxing. It increases focus and creativity (i totally agree to that point). It’s like an advanced version of Mehendi designing or Mandala art form (not aware of its international names)

And so i started doing some research on it, beginners, types etc and then started learning them. In no time i realized how addicted i became to this. I would come back home from work, make myself a glass of tea and start learning the basic patterns and then try out some designs. I even ended up buying special Sakura Micro Pens for doing Zentangle. So introducing some of the Zentangle work i have done in the last ten days instead of blogging. Hope you all enjoy and give your honest opinion about it.

Image 02 – First Zentangle – This was the first one i tried. It was a random patterning design where in you draw many repetitive patterns to just form an overall abstract image. This does have few flaws but then i love it cause this was my first hand experience to draw Zentangles.


Image 03 – The Lady I started searching for designs that use Zentangle patterns and i mostly found images of girls. So i decided to use my beginners lessons to start doing a different design – a gal and a peacock. I never imagined it would turn out so beautifully.I like the peacock more 😛 

The Girl The Peacock

Image 04 – The Gift – I started sharing my art with my close friends and one of them happen to request me to try this patterning on alphabets and since his birthday was approaching i thought of gifting him a Monogram of his name  – “R”. I am yet to frame it but this ones for now. I am gonna do one for my home also very soon for the alphabet S

The Gift

Image 05 – The BRIDE – I love this one so much. I avoided to many patterns and kept it very basic and simple. I wanted to try on some colors over the patterns but the moment i finished coloring the red bow i thought my picture was completed.I am gonna frame this one and hang it on my wall. This is also currently my mobile wallpaper  🙂 🙂 

12169390_10206741566330854_786786712_o (1)
The Bride

So there it is, all that i have been doing since my last post on the blog. Please do comment and let me know your feedback. And for those who enjoy drawing give Zentangle a shot. Its addictive!!! 

P.S – This was my contribution in the #inktober month. Though it’s a thirty-day thing i thought i could customize it accordingly. 😛

Do what you love!!! Happy Blogging!!! 🙂

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  1. These are wonderful. You are a natural it seems.

    1. Thank you so much!! 🙂

  2. Wow.. this is wonderful.. will try this out.. 🙂

    1. sure…you should its addictive!! 🙂

  3. Now when I was thinking where this girl has gone 😛 you appeared with these beautiful pictures 🙂 I was never an artist 🙂 So don’t know much about it 🙂 But beautiful pictures 🙂 My favorite ones are the bride that name one 🙂

    1. 🙂 🙂 aww am glad people remember me!! 🙂 see this is what i keep telling that you are a motivation….bt you dont want to admit. I was having a little difficulty managing the time to blog but now have come up with a plan. Every day there is power cut in bangalore at my place from 8 to 9pm so thats gonna be dedicated purely to blogging 😀 And thanks for the comments NJ(as always)

      1. ..Those pictures were damn good and needed appreciation 🙂 …okay if you insist ..I accept 😉 thank you 🙂 meanwhile you never wrote me a mail 😛 I awaited it for long 😉 And yes that sounds like a good plan ..I know how tough it is to write with a full time job 🙂 That’s why I too write single post in a week 🙂

        1. Your mail is on the way….:) now you know right where I was caught up

          1. I am waiting for it 😉 yeah I know the reason behind the delay 😀 ..

  4. Swetha Sukhavasi says: Reply

    Hey this looks awsomee…want to gice it a try..is it like everything is online?

    1. Sweets….you can learn the patterns online and then come up with your own…

  5. Swetha Sukhavasi says: Reply

    ohh sounds interesting…I would try it once.. 🙂

  6. Love your zentangles. It is definitely addicting! And beautiful. And so calming. Keep on , keep on.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! 🙂 Yeah big time addictive

  7. Everything looks amazing.

    1. Thank you so so much 😀 😀 😀

  8. Amazing! These are lively- agree with NJ -the bride us very special! Keep it up.

  9. Especially loved ‘The Bride’. Interesting read, thanks for sharing !

  10. ooh! I loooooove the bride….keep it on! <3

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  12. “Hello Potpourriers (is that even a word :)) ”

    It is now…

    1. Hehehehe Thanks for the acknowledgement !!!!

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