Hello friends…I accidentally logged out of my WordPress account and now when I am trying to login its asking for one time password which I am not receiving at all… how can I resolve this…. please please help..this post somehow I managed from an already logged in account in my old mobile.”

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  1. Hi, I have never encountered this issue, but whenever I am logged out of WordPress in my mobile, I just try to log in using my email address and my original password. Have you tried that already? You can also try to contact the happiness engineers.

  2. Are you using WordPress app? Sometimes the issue there is you are logged out whenever you use it to check out blogs and post, it is a glitch I believe. So when it happened that I was accidentally logged out, I just logged in my email then password, then I was logged back in. Maybe you can try logging on via a web browser like chrome, try first restarting your pc or your phone. Maybe and I hope it will help. You do know your password used in WordPress right?

      1. Hmm, that is odd…there is no other link there stating where you will get your password? Or a link asking you if you forget your password you shpuld click to change or reset your password? Like what we get in gmail or yahoo…Where are you trying to log in via wordpress app in your mobile phone? or via a browser like chrome? or via pc?

  3. Hey, open up WordPress on browser and type in your email id of WordPress, then hit on forget password.. You get a link on your email id… Then change your password.. Login with the new password on the browser…
    If this didn’t work.. Contact WordPress …

  4. Hey Sneha. Received your message. Sorry for late reply. I searched for the same on google regarding the one time password problem you told about. Unfortunately didn’t find anything related to it.
    Have you tried opening up WordPress on Pc? Open it up in the web browser and try clicking forgot password. That might help you in resetting your password. Or you can do one thing. The email id which is linked to your WordPress account might have received certain mails the first time you started your website and logged in. Search your mail client for the same and see if any password or so was written in it through which you can log in.

    Do try and let me know.

  5. This is a new problem I thought I was the only one. 🙂 Do they want you to create a new password? My messages like this happen especially when I try to follow a new blog…then it tells me that I am not using my original WordPress email address. Also it makes me sign in every day at least once…must be a glitch?

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