I have been really busy with few stuff and couldn’t update the post on time. The problem got resolved on 1st November only, the very next day of the initial post.  Also its raining heavily here in Bangalore (In the month of November, winter is still coming here 😛 ) So talking about the whole incident i have my take below. Hope you have fun reading it.

 Problem Description – “Hello friends…I accidentally logged out of my WordPress account and now when I am trying to login its asking for one time password which I am not receiving at all… how can I resolve this…. please please help..this post somehow I managed from an already logged in account in my old mobile.”

Result- A big THANK YOU to everyone who responded instantly. I am happy to announce that I am able to access my blog once again 🙂 🙂 🙂 I had tried all the possible solutions provided by fellow bloggers, google (for once google didn’t help me at all) but nothing worked until after 12 hours i started getting the One-Time Password messages on my mobile number almost around 15+ messages (i was very impatient and had tried as many times i could possibly try).  So i am assuming it was something to do with the network issue either on my mobile network or the WordPress server. Whatever it was, i was under panic attack for good long time. 🙁

Lesson Learnt from this incident – The first thing i learnt was to be PATIENT. After all how much can you trust the digital stuff. So next time something of this sort happens to me or to you all we got to do is wait for sometime (which could be few hours or the next day  :P) and then try. Secondly I never realized how BLOGGING HAS BECOME AN IMPORTANT PART OF MY LIFE.   <3 <3 <3 It was like all that i had invested in the last three months was just lost in few seconds, i couldn’t imagine of not being able to have my own space in this world, or to reach out to the many friends i have made in the blogging community. Some things become more important once you have faced the fear of losing them or lost them. This was a feeling i had associated only with people and not it applies to everything and anything important to me. Third lesson i learnt is sometimes PUSHING YOURSELF TOO MUCH IS ALSO NOT GOOD. So i simply went ahead and disabled the two-step authentication procedure 😛 guess its way better than the whole panic attack i had for couple of hours.

Quick Tips – For people who have access to social media – twitter/Facebook do join the WordPress support forums and community so that in case of such an issue or any other problem we have a help guide, besides the usual blog support groups also the advantage being someone or the other would be using WordPress in the world no matter what time zone

Until the next post Stay Happy Stay Cool and Stay Patient (dts for me)

7 thoughts on “Urgent Issue – RESOLVED!!!!”

  1. One time passwords are not received after 10pm as I have observed.
    I can surely imagine how scary it would have been for you when you got locked out from ur account other than mobile access. Similar happened to me too.
    But all is well that ends well 🙂
    Happy blogging!

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