Why fit in the crowd, when you can stand out

It feels as if i have been away from my blog for long well had a reason I injured my right thumb 🙁 ligament tear, ruptured tendons etc and yeah there was some really out of this world sort of word that the orthopaedic doctor said which i still don’t get. Well the doctor says i need to get a surgery done so that i get life long relief else i ll be having pain whenever i stress myself. This whole pain-hospital-crepe bandage-medicine etc lasted for almost ten days.

I am doing better now and the pain is all gone and i realized two things that i missed most during this time was blogging and drawing (the recent hobby am trying to become good at) 🙂 🙂 🙂 So today being a lovely Sunday and absolutely awesome weather here in Bangalore i decided to draw and then blog it. I have always loved Peacocks for their attitude, beauty, elegance, charm and arrogance..hehehe yeah don’t you think they have that pride in them like that inborn trait of “hell yeah am beautiful” sorts. And this is what i drew –



Tools used – Brustro Technical Pen 0.8 | Pigma Brush | Pigma Micron 0.3

I wanna draw this on my room wall, but definitely don’t want to get in trouble with the owner since mine is a rented apartment. Maybe I’ll have to figure out some other way…hmm!!!

Hope you guys are having a good time!!! Please pray for Chennai, the severe disaster that the city is facing due to the heavy rains and flooding. So many people have lost their lives and lost everything in this havoc. The images are just way too emotional and devastating. And in such times the kind of strength, courage, unity Chennaites have shown beyond religion, caste, status is more than just words and a salute to humanity. Do follow these tags to know more about what Chennai is facing, the relief work etc. #ChennaiRains, #ChennaiMicro, #ChennaiFloods, #ChennaiRainsHelp


13 Replies to “Why fit in the crowd, when you can stand out”

  1. What a beautiful work of art Sneha! Wish your thumb gets healed soon. Keep us posted! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words.. Yeah am having trouble typing and drawing cause of the injury..bt going strong:)

  2. Looks gorgeous. Feel better soon. Keeping chennai in my prayers.

    1. thank you so much!! 🙂

  3. such a beautiful piece of art. do keep drawing and sharing such wonderful stuff. n yeah, get well soon.

    1. Thanks a ton!!:) I had no intention of drawing but somehow decided to try my hands at it and share it with the world. 🙂

      1. Share more cause you honestly draw so well.

  4. impressive 🙂

    1. thanks a ton!!!

    2. u know what you are my 200th follower 🙂 Now that call for a high five

  5. Brought up in Andaman Islands! I’m so jealous! Beautiful sketch. It is so necessary to keep the creative side of you alive. Love it.

    1. hehehehe 😀 Got lucky that way 🙂 !!! Thanks for the motivation 🙂 happy weekend

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