Welcome Potpourriers to yet another Monthly Favourites post. Can’t really believe three months have already gone by, feels like i had recently celebrated 2016 New Years…hmm time actually flies 🙂 And just like February , March was truly awesome in all means !!! <3


Meeting Prats ( Pratyusha ) this was crazy, it was simply crazy, i had known Prats for only a month now that too via chats (our bloggers whatsapp group) and a month later we were meeting and best part it was all impromptu. Her coming down to Bangalore for a client visit, me being able to go meet her the same night as that was the only time she was free but we made it. And she surprised me with a book as gift. Thanks Prats <3

Pratyusha’s gift to me 🙂 This came as a surprise
Dinner with Prats
Dinner with Prats along with my buddy Vikas

DIY – Liquor Bottle and LEDs : So i have this weird liking of collecting Liquor bottles and i think i have a pretty decent collection as of now. Thanks to all my friends for contributing to my collection. I really like painting these bottles, doodling on them, trying yarn work and most recently i did this. An LED string and a bottle and you are good to go with a decorative piece in your living room. 

LED and Liquor bottle

March and one thing you remember for sure is WOMEN’s DAY: March 8th is celebrated as the International Women’s Day all across the world. And like majority of the companies, mine too had various events lined up for the women employees. Ethnic day, games, give away etc. Below is the glimpse of the Ethnic Day celebration at work with my office buddies

Women’s Day Celebration (from the start – Deeksha, Anju, mysefl, Sriji, Vikas(with the specs) and Dilip)

Authores Beyond Borders: Last month i had mentioned about my Blogger Whatsapp group but i missed this pic . So here it is all of us. We are one family now and my day doesn’t go by without interacting with them 😀 <3 Am yet to meet Sana Vishnu Priya and Farid who are also in Bangalore!!!

Rafat(Sana- the hyperactive one 🙂 ), Darshith(every one knows him), Pratyusha, Priya, Me, Nisha(Mayasa), Nimi, Sri Di, Rupz (Rupali), Srinath, Vishnu, KP(Krishnaprasad), Hema di n Farid

The Yin and Yang of my Life: Sometimes you come across few people in your life who just change the way you look at things, or feel about yourself. All they do is be themselves and help us be our truest self. I am glad i met these two handsome hunks – Vikas and Dilip.  I have known them for quiet sometime now but this month actually made me realize how balanced they help me be( being the confused self i am all the time)

Vikas (with the specs) and Dilip (he is also the specs one but not in this pic)

BATMAN vs SUPERMAN: I think this movie was not as happening as how a superhero fan would love it to be but then it was after all a Superheroes movie so no complaints. Ben Affleck looked super hot as Batman and did total justice to the character. I never liked Superman as much as i liked other superheroes but this movie has totally changed my liking towards Superman(and Henry Cavill). I had tears by the end of the movie(the ones who have seen it would know what am talking). Batman <3 Thanks to Vipin my friend for the good company. I like people who discuss movie while watching it.

Batman vs Superman

Meeting old friends (Vijay) and making new ones (Jennifer, Jean and David) – friendship is a blessing 🙂

Vijay Parpyani – My first Sindhi friend who taught me how to make POHA 🙂 I started my career with this buddy of mine 🙂
pp (1)
am sure you all know him David and his amazing playlist perfect for a pumped up work out routine
Jennifer or Jenni as we Indians call her 🙂 She is such a warm and strong woman. I think we instantly connected just in few exchange of messages and am glad to have her as a friend

Finally – #AtoZChallenge: I  think most of my posts in the month of March was about the upcoming (from tomorrow to be very specific) Ultimate Blogging Challenge. Have been working on it (and am still not prepared completely) . I have chosen my Theme and i hope i do justice to it. I have even signed up few blogger friends of mine to do guest posts during the challenge. And am super excited about it as this is going to be my first ever Blogging challenge (never done daily blogs) and being a Minion with Holton’s HeroesI hope i survive this challenge 😀 😀


Almost 1700 + bloggers worldwide have signed up for the challenge. Its gonna be fun and exciting. Am already meeting new bloggers and reading some amazing posts. Really interesting cool themes. April is gonna be insane 🙂 All the best to everyone who have signed up for it. Yipee!!! Two more hours for the challenge to begin 🙂

April – you better be good to me!! I need all your support this month to survive the challenge. Thank you March for some amazing moments <3 You were very very special 😉 😉

Be good

Live. Love. Laugh!!! Repeat!!!❤

20 thoughts on “ECHOES – MARCH MOMENTS”

  1. Omg!!! This is awesomeeeee nessss hehe. Simply loved the post 🙂
    It was indeed a pleasure to meet you. You are my darling akkaaa forever and my family.

    I have three things to thank you for:
    1) for being part of my life
    2) For introducing me to another amazing friend Vikas 🙂
    3) For introducing me to A to Z challenge. Looking forward to it 🙂

    PS : your gift was more of a suprise to me 😀 hehe! Best gift I ever got !! I definitely know who moved my cheese 😀

    Love you loads <3

  2. Sneha this is such a wonderful surprise gift <3 Thank you so much for writing about me and our instant awesome connection in your post, you are such a sweetheart and a great friend <3 You are also a very strong woman and I'm so happy you had a great month of March! So much positivity all around, I love all your pics they are beautiful and I can't wait to meet you one day too 😀 That's so nice you met Pratyusha our friend we have in common 🙂 another amazing girl. Are we all ready for tomorrow??? The big day for the A-Z Challenge?? It's going to be insane 😛 We can do it! Love you!! <3

    1. Jenni the feeling is mutual <3 Good people are meant to connect some day or the other 😛 😉 Thanks for the compliment
      P.S : yup all set for #AtoZChallenge. Gonna draft my post soon after i finish replying to my comments! we can do it for sure 🙂 <3

    1. awww… thank you so much janemann. you always make me feel special !! Thank you for coming in my life and bringing so many other beautiful people along with you. cant thank you enough <3 all the best for the challenge 🙂

  3. Boom! Boom! Boom! Oh My God! Sneha babe.. <3
    Such an awesome superb post.. Love you.. <3 Big huggs!! 🙂
    Dhaivathinu sthuthi!! 🙂 Nammal kandu muttiyathinu.. 🙂

    1. hehehehe:) thanks Nimi.. specially for the blog whatsapp group.. couldnt be more happier than being appreciated by fellow bloggers who are now family 🙂 and yeah Dhaivathinu sthuthi! <3 <3 <3 Hugssss

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