Day: #15 || Alphabet : O || Theme: Emotions || Word: Obstinate



Hello all my lovely potpourriers !! Hoping everyone is having a good start to the week and congratulations to all the bloggers who are half way through the challenge!!! 🙂 

Today before I begin the emotion/mood am gonna talk about let me first put up the meaning of it.obstinate defYup we are gonna talk about the emotion OBSTINATE!!! Your stubbornness could DEFINE – YOU!!!

Are you the good kinda Obstinate or lets break it into simple words the good kinda Stubborn person??!! Take a min to think about it and then continue reading. I have personally been called a stubborn person myself when I didn’t do things the way one should have during certain situations but there are also times when my stubbornness was my CHOICE! Being defensive or self-centered (even being selfish at times) or being sure about something you want in life can give you the tagline of being HEADSTRONG then be happy you are one; cause it’s an asset you have!!! How ?? Let me explain of being a good kinda stubborn person and you would be happy you are one 😀 <3

1. You can hold your head up high
Like Elizabeth Edward said – She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails Well yes!! You never changed your path when obstacles and difficulties came your way. You stood by your choice and continued in the journey you chose.

2. You are what your principles are
Every person has his/her own principles in life. Some we are taught by our family and the education we have, some by the experiences and some by the lessons we have learnt in our lives by our choices or knowledge we have gained over the years. And when a person’s clothing, job , people they hangout with can change a person’s principles can never change. This also makes you more trustworthy and dependable in the long run of life cause you don’t deter from your principles. No matter what the circumstance you hold your ground and you hold on to your values and virtues.

3. You know what you want.Cool isn’t it?
Cause of your strong headed nature and the ability to hold on to your choices you make wise decisions in life and you know exactly what you want from life and you work towards it. You might even chose a path which is less traveled cause you know that would take you to your ultimate goal. You are okay if the path is rough and scary but if the journey is worth the destiny you don’t mind taking it.

4. When others say you can’t you beat the shit out of them
Reverse psychology actually works many a times on us specially for the good kinda stubborn people. When everyone tell you can’t you are more determined to prove them wrong. You are the kinds who create their own rags to riches stories

5. Your Obstinacy can be an inspiration
Yes! For the ones who have a weak attitude your obstinacy could be a huge source of motivation and inspiration. You set an example for the others. Remember the path less traveled is now for everyone else who wants to reach the same goal just that they didn’t have the courage to take the unknown path.

6. You learn from others failures
Learning from ones own failure is nice but learning from others failures is being smart. You learn to see different possibilities to your own choices and also the similar kind of choices others have made and failed. You also think from outside the box and like a third person

7. You know when to let go
When life demands you to let go cause the right thing would be to letting it go you wouldn’t be hesitant in doing so. You would also be the first one to accept that you are wrong even though it has its own consequences.

8. You are the coolest person even with a strong head 😉
During a situation when everyone else would panic you would remain the cooler one cause you are the courageous one of the lot

9. You are the designer, content writer of your life.
Since you follow your own path keeping your values intact you design your own life and hold responsible for it. It might take time but you eventually become the person you always dream to be despite the odds.

How can your obstinate attitude turn you into a bad person ???Stubbornness should not let you have a closed mind, it should not let you be arrogant or egoistic. Your obstinacy shouldn’t derogate someone else specially the less fortunate ones. Your obstinate nature shouldn’t be shown when the opposite person is in need of you as a friend more than ever or someone who needs you to listen to them and hold them tight and say things are okay and not make you judge the person who is opening up their heart to you.

P.S: It’s okay if you have been stubborn in a way you shouldn’t have but if you have regretted it later try not to repeat it. You would never want to be the person who everyone hates or is not welcomed. I am a defensive person and I know that’s my flaw which I don’t personally like hence am gonna work on being less defensive and stubborn which harms my family and friends specially. 


Couldn’t find a smiley for obstinate 😛

21 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge DAY15: O for OBSTINATE”

  1. I’m obstinate/stubborn to the bone when it come to something I’ve committed to–like A to Z. But I do drive myself crazy sometimes when I refuse to give up and probably should. Nice post with good points.

  2. More power to you for this obstinate post in the journey of life and principles. It matters more than anything else in life. It might be tough but it lets us sleep well at night with our conscience clear.

  3. I’m glad you distinguished between obstinate and stubborn. I think obstinate can be a synonym to determined, and determined people know what they want and why they want it so not easily diverted from their course. Great post.

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