#AtoZChallenge DAY18: R for RAGE

Day: #18 || Alphabet : R || Theme: Emotions || Word: Rage


Hello everyone! Thank  you for all the get well messages! I am still on painkillers and antibiotics hopefully I would be relieved of the pain by the weekend !!! Am having ice creams like crazy to get some relief from the tooth removal. Have had like 2 tubs since last night 😛 😛 😛 (even more cause am not an ice cream fan as such 🙁 )

Yesterday i couldn’t post much on the alphabet Q ( i’ll update my post over the weekend) and am kinda in the same mood hence posting a video on today’s emotion RAGE – ANGER 

Another beautiful illustration by INKOLOGY on ANGER


The Anger Smiley along with Hulk gif for Anger!! 😛



10 Replies to “#AtoZChallenge DAY18: R for RAGE”

  1. Anger hurts and lack of forgiveness hurts the unforgiving party.

    1. Hello Jacqueline.. somehow this comment was in the spam folder so didnt check till now. Hence the late reply.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Ah, wisdom teeth… the memories. I hope you don’t get to where I’ve been for the last month, fighting against nerve pain that seems never to be sorted out, and awaiting two implants. I blame bodged dentistry when I was a kid, but I dare say my failure to follow the hygienists’ instructions have something to do with it!
    Get well soon, and fight the rage with serenity 😀
    Jemima Pett

    1. Thanks Jemima for stopping by… yeah am kind of feeling a little better now..stitches yet to be removed. Hope you get well soon 🙂

  3. Get well. Ice cream is the best medicine.
    The Winter Loon – Women of the 1930s

    1. Thank you Lori <3

  4. I didn’t knew you were not well 🙁 take care dear 🙂 and in this hot weather anyone can eat tubs of ice-cream 😉 so enjoy and get well soon 🙂

    1. Hey NJ 🙂 am a little better…have been working from home…and yeah ice cream is the only resort as of now.. not able to eat anything else as such.. bt i dont prefer ice creams though 🙁

  5. Ice creams are the best.. What you don’t like ice creams omg 😛 😛 change flavours, mix a couple of other things..

    What youbsaid about anger is true.. More than anger, hatred as a feeling finishes us rather than others!!

    1. hehehe yeah i dont like ice creams as such..no matter whatever the topping is. i only prefer them once in a while..like ice cream with waffle, or brownies otherwise not.. Hmm Hatred as an emotion i guess i havent covered yet

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