Day: #20 || Alphabet : T || Theme: Emotions || Word: Trust


Happy Sunday potpourriers!!!  <3 Making my second post for the day in order to compensate the last two days !

Emotions is a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, relationships with others, situations we are in and many other factors. While most of the emotions we feel is straight from the heart and all those neurons working in our brain, there is one more organ which is a huge factor in feeling one of the most strongest emotions we feel and that is TRUST. This is not just the trust we have on another person but this one is the TRUST we have within our self which we call the GUT FEELING or rather put it in these words TRUSTING OUR INTUITIONS.

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That feeling deep down in our tummy, that little voice in our head, feeling of being tickled inside that my friend is what we called the gut feeling. Some people always listen to this gut feeling and take decisions of life (like the eenie meenie miney mo we do and tick answers during exams 😛  ) and some do not instead put a lot of thought behind making a decision.

In our lives also many a times we must have gone ahead in life based on the decisions we made listening to this gut feeling and if you actually look back or give it a deep rewind most of the times the decision such made is a positive one! 😀 Like Dejavu – you know things even before it has happened, and you just can’t explain the situation.

The only question being, how more often can you convert this gut feeling into positive ones that work in your favour. How can you actually TRUST YOUR GUT FEELING? (below content source : care2)

Judith Orloff, PhD, a Los Angeles–based intuitive psychiatrist and author of Second Sight suggests that it’s just a matter of striking the right chord between gut instinct and rational thinking. And below are the five main points we need to remember whenever we want to go by this feeling.

1. “Something feels wrong in my body.”
Listening to your body’s subtle signals is a critical part of exercising your intuitive sense, says Orloff. Intuition allows you to get the first warning signs when anything is off in your body so that you can address it. If you have a gut feeling about your body — that something is toxic, weak or ‘off’ — listen to it. Go and get it worked up.Your body is a powerful intuitive communicator,”.Physical symptoms can also have symbolic value. If you’re around somebody and your energy goes down, that’s an intuition not to ignore. Sudden sleepiness can mean that you’re in the presence of an energy-draining person or circumstance; it can be your body’s way of communicating that these conditions are taking more energy than they give. If you stay in a situation that makes you feel instantly depleted

2. “I’m in danger.”
The feeling you get about a person in the first 10 seconds expresses an “ancient biological wisdom,” says Myers in his book Intuition: Its Powers and Perils

3. “I want to help.”
While you might think of our gut instincts as something we’ve maintained mostly to avoid danger, the human species has evolved an equally powerful capacity to sense when our fellow beings need support. “Sympathy is one of humanity’s most basic instincts, which is why evolution lavished so much attention on the parts of the brain that help us think about what other people are feeling,” notes Lehrer.

4. “I know how to do this.
If you know you can do it, trust your gut — not your head.

5. “This is it!”
When your intuition signals that you’ve found something or someone truly right for you, the choice often becomes strangely easy. “It feels healthy; it feels good; it doesn’t feel like you’re forcing it, there’s not a lot of conflict,” says Orloff.

P.S: Of all the reasons to use your gut instincts to make big decisions, this may be the best: It leads to the choices that are most fully satisfying — decisions that can improve the quality of your life

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