Day: #23 || Alphabet : W || Theme: Emotions || Word: Wonder


Woohooo.. my stitches are removed and my toothache is all gone wooosh 😀 Having been quiet I mean literally quiet for the past one week was like punishment to me (relief for people around) but guess I enjoyed this phase of being not talking much just relaxing doing stuff that doesn’t involve much talking for example – listening to people :P, reading,watching movies, observing people and things around me.

Ohhh that reminded me my balcony has become nest to one of the pigeons; actually two they are a couple. The female pigeon has laid two eggs and is hatching them while the male pigeon brings her food and sometimes straws etc to make the nest more cozy. Initially I thought of chasing them off since their nest is right under my flower pots which makes it difficult for me to water the plants. Whenever I water the flowers, the area becomes wet and the nest which is very close to the pot and on the balcony floor also becomes wet 🙁  I now water the plants when the mother pigeon flies away for sometime leaving the eggs. I make sure no water is spilt on the floor. That’s my morning schedule this summer I take like 15 mins to water four flower pots. 😀 😀

I am moving away from the topic(happiness of finally being able to talk 😉 ). The last four alphabets in the #AtoZChallenge is the most difficult ones even more when you are following a particular theme. Since I have chosen #Emotions finding words for these alphabets was little tough(not W but the remaining three to follow) And since I have been observing and thinking about the different things around the emotion what I have chosen for”W” I feel is absolutely perfect and that is W for WONDER.

~~ I wonder looking at the sky ~~

Have you found yourself suddenly lost in thoughts (daydreaming is the ugly side of wondering:P) while you are sitting at your office desk in front of your computer, sometimes when you are travelling and you keep looking out of the window dreaming so many thoughts and ideas, even when sometimes you are in the middle of a conversation you just
get lost and start wondering (may be of the movie you have planned to watch at night, or the football match of your fav team, or even about your dream vacation)?? Have you??! 🙂

Well there is one such thing that I always look at and keep wondering of how beautiful our life is . Nature always relates to our life if we sit and wonder about it (Since I have started doodling and zentangling I kind of observe even more around me the patterns naturally formed). What I am talking specifically is – I wonder looking at the SKY 😀 😀 😀 I find our lives and the sky has a lot of resemblance and the sky teaches us a lot things

The sky is like our life. No matter its the sun which shines bright in the morning or the moon which brightens up at night with millions of stars both complementing each other similarly our life complements both the happy and the sad times making it complete. Unless and until there is sadness we wont value happiness and vice versa. After all it’s only in the darkest nights the stars shine the brightest 😀

The sky teaches us that there are different chapters of life, some bright happy ones, some dull and dark, some like a silver lining giving us hope for future, some with sudden surprises like the rainbows. Some scary moments like the thunder but which necessarily don’t lead to rains but just a sudden jolt to awaken us from our mundane life.

It also tells us just like there are different shades to the sky, similarly our life is comprised of people we meet on a daily basis who are of different personalities. Some we accommodate in our lives while some just pass away like the meteors only to trouble us while some come and leave us like the shooting stars making a significant impact in our life.

Everything in our lives we can relate to the sky that’s my personal opinion. The sky changes every second letting us know that CHANGE IS INEVITABLE and the only thing which is constant in life.

Below are the pictures of the different shades of the sky taken by my dear friend ManasCheck out more of his photography in his Instagram account, click here ⇒

The silver lining when the rays come out after a dark night

The silver lining when the rays come out after a dark night

The purple shade to the sky - my fav pic of the lot
The purple shade to the sky – my fav pic of the lot
The sky that is always over us as we travel
When the moon comes up as the sun goes down
The heavy clouds which add beauty to the sky. The ever-changing clouds
A rainbow – right from the promise God made to Noah till today its the most amazing phenomenons of nature

When the birds fly back to the shelters after a good day out. home is where the heart is

So what are the ordinary things that you wonder about so deeply? Do you have another perspective to the emotion Wonder ? Would love to hear from you  😀 

Just three more days to go for the challenge to end 🙂 and with three most difficult alphabets (not for everyone am sure) All the best!!! Happy blogging <3 WORDPRESS (from W) is another thing that i would like to mention here. My blogging journey has been amazing and am loving my time here knowing so many beautiful people all over the world <3 <3 <3 shout out to many blog friends (in detail some other day about them)

For the complete list of #Emotions discussed as part of the #AtoZChallenge click here

4 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge DAY23: W for WONDER”

  1. This was such a WONDER full post!! The many minutes of silence did bring out this beautiful blog. Fantastic photos. My respect to the photographer! Am happy you are back from a ‘toothy break’. Stay well. Keep writing!

    1. Thank you Sri di 😀 Am so glad you loved it 🙂 I was under the impression that this was just a random post i had made. And yeah i would definitely tell my friend Manas that u loved the pics <3 Thanks once again

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