The GLASS IS HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL has always been a debatable question. Some say, the way people look at the glass tells a lot about the personality of the person.

This one is a glass of Water

For example, if your answer looking at the above picture is – The glass if half full – then you are an OPTIMIST whereas if your answer was the glass is half empty – then you fall under the other category of people called – PESSIMIST.

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Now one can look at this scenario in many ways depending on factors that affects the person at that time. For someone who is content and happy, the glass might seem half full at the same time the same person when hit by misery and unhappiness might consider the glass half empty. One cannot always think alike.

Life changes each and every day, and with that we as humans change. Some principles that you must have followed in your teenage years might not be your principles anymore. We grow in our thoughts and we learn from our experiences, our success and our failures, our acceptance and our rejections and that makes us change our principles in life. Having said that, it does not change the basic moral values and your opinions towards life cause that makes you an individual.

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How do I look at the glass??? 🙂 😉 
I am not a naturally born optimist to be honest (am a cancerian after all the insecure ones) neither am I a pessimist(if that would have been the case I would be taking medicines for sleep and depression considering the way life has hit me every now and then). I believe I am a Realist in life. It’s neither empty nor full for me. It’s a glass and am happy there is something in it and I would prefer it to be my glass of red wine. <3 😀 

I consider whatever happens, it happens for a reason – the good times i cherish and enjoy it and the bad times I learn from it and try to become stronger. I believe in enjoying the moment, for the moment once passed never comes back. Learning the good in the bad that is more like me 😛

And then there are few who are called the Opportunist. For them it’s

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What kind of person are you??? How do you look at the glass ?? Do you think there can be someone who is not like the four personality traits i have mentioned. Let me know!! Would love to hear from you all <3

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— Sneha (gal from the island)


28 thoughts on “Half Full or Half Empty”

  1. I am a cancerian too but I believe in the half full glass for there is always something to fill with. I appreciate your perspective in showing the various sides of life. We are humans and do falter. Love the meme with opportuniist..haha

    1. Welcome to the cancerian club ..I think we are the most moody people on earth …no one can predict what’s going on in our head..I think we have a very strong sub consciousness mind…..which thinks both ways…all sides of a coin

      1. We are! I am very moody, from talkative to going into my shelf. The most misunderstood souls we are and once we decide on something, we go with it.Loyal and emotional to the core:)

  2. Ranjitha Modali

    Loved this blog Sneha and your whole perspective about a half filled glass. You are totally right about one thinking about the same glass in different ways. I think I am one of them. Initially, when I heardabout this ideology when i was young, I said the glass is half empty (without the knowledge of this reasoning). I got a response saying that is a pessimistic view. But getting to think of it, “A glass half empty” could be the response of a highly motivated person who has achieved half of his goal and wants to fulfill it completely. So, your perspective is formed from the lens you view.

    And yes I am a realist in an optimistic way who tries to fight pessimism. 😀

    1. Thanks a ton for your input and view about it Ranju😍 Definitely as a kid i found the glass half empty all the time when this question was put across and then I would get a lecture from people that am being a pessimist…now that I have pretty much taken few years around the sun I guess I can have my own views.😋
      P.S. Buggals loved the last line…so witty

        1. True.!!! And thats good to know that you are becoming an optimist! 😀 Hope can make you live happier. But yeah reality strikes when an opportunist walks away with the cake

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