I am someone who loves learning new things and for that Google and YouTube have been of HUGE HELP to me. There is so much you can learn these days from the internet. All you need is the curiosity to LEARN.

Being in IT for six years now my life is synonymous with a not so creative kind of job sitting behind the computer. No complaints here, I kind of love my job but the creative side of me always keeps looking for something to learn specially related to ART and that’s how few months back my random google search led me to a word called ZENTANGLE  and boy i tell you…I was in AWE 😀 

Click ⇒ Zentangle to check out my initial post on what it is all about.

And me being in AWE still continues as I search for more and more variety and patterns to up skill myself. Lately i have started doing more of Flower Patterns. All thanks to the videos and tutorials by Krisa Bousquet. Please check her site kcdoodleart for more information. So here are my recent attempts at flower doodles.

Flower Doodle 01

Flower Doodle 02

Flower Doodle 03

Flower Doodle 04

Please do let me know your comments and honest feedback, as this would really encourage me to improve and learn more of this amazing art form which not only is fun but also heals the mind. It’s like

YOGA for the BRAIN 

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  1. I rem long back I had posted on zentangles.. This is fun n creative .. There are no mistakes here everything u do here is a new pattern new idea

    1. I remember seeing your post !!! You should do more of it and post on your blog!! And yeah everything you do is a pattern..well said

  2. Beautiful zentangles, you are truly talented. Even like to do some creative work. Do have a look at my paintings on blog when possible and give your feedback on the same.

    1. Thanks a ton Megha for stopping by <3 and for the encouragement and appreciation. Would definitely check out your blog!!Its always awesome to connect with other people who share the same interest. All the best for the future work

    1. Thank you John <3 🙂

  3. Amazing! Doodle 3 looks hypnotizing

    1. I came across this for the first time through your blog. Have been willing to try it ever since. Thank you for the links to resources!! 🙂 🙂

      1. Ur most welcome!! And do give it a try..am sure you would love it. Its simply therapeutic. All you need is a pen and paper and some Lone time:)
        Happy Weekend!!! <3

        1. I surely will. In fact I just started, but nowhere close to looking perfect. 😀 But it indeed is very therapeutic!

          1. You should check out few videos on youtube. And practice will make you perfect.I guess the beauty of zentangle is you need not necessarily be perfect in the design but just the lines we draw and curves we make needs to be focussed on

          2. Yes, that’s true, the lines and curves are the beauty! Practice will definitely make it better 🙂

          3. All the best..keep trying and share the pic soon

    2. Hehehe.. was trying something like that, glad it worked out 😛 😉

  4. Finding your blog for the first time on the Summer road trip. As hard as I tried, I didn’t get to everyone. I wonder if anyone ever does. Love your Z post, but hey, why aren’t you back to blogging by now. I am just finishing up a series of June Posts on summertime while growing up and how to recapture some of those moment this summer. Hope you have time to spend a few minutes and read some of them to gauge what the blog can be about and if it calls to you. Now I am going to go and click on Zentangle. Thanks.

    1. Thanks a ton Stepheny for stopping by.!!! The #AtoZChallenge indeed was a roller coaster ride, missed many blogs. Have signed up for the roadtrip so that I can get back to the blogs i missed.
      Had been on vacation for a month almost , didnt publish many posts. Am getting back on track now.
      Thanks for the love and please do stop by and leave ur lovely comments and feedback.
      Happy weekend!!!

  5. pretty…so i give a choclate for u ..????????

    1. Thanks a ton for the chocolates Giri:D

  6. I admire your patience and creativity.. It has really paid off.. It’s a visual treat to look at.. Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the love Aadhira <3

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    1. I was waiting for the month to start and i can’t tell you how excited i am already!! would definitely try to post more than couple of times that i had promised!!! And the first word is so so AWESOME!!!! And i love <3 the font and its so colorful…All the best to the team..you are doing a great job already!! Loads of love

    1. Thanks for stopping by.
      Will check out the blog soon 🙂

  8. Your doodles are awesome! I wish I could draw like you. Thanks for the follow. I am looking forward to your posts about Word High July 🙂

    And I do suggest coloring some of your doodles, I think it will look more lovely ❤

    1. Hello there!!! Thanks a ton for the follow and stopping by. I have bookmarked your blog would be going through it this weekend ! was on my way from work while sending u the follow request.
      Thanks a ton for the encouragement and feedback..i really wana use colors but am so bad with them. I am never able to choose the colors and the contrast etc. i have a hard time shopping tooo 😛
      And all the best for the word-high to u too..i would be doing them weekend wise.

      1. You’re welcome! Hihi oh I see. Well they look already beautiful without color ❤ all the best!

  9. Yoga for the brain #indeed

  10. Oh my god- these are so pretty and extremely laborious. I am sure they took an enormous amount of time. Great effort. Cheers

    1. Thank you so much. Glad u loved them. they do take a good amount of time but the result is worth all of it.

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