You can CONTROL your life because you know yourself better than anyone. Situations, people, events everything can change around you since change is constant, how you can incorporate these changes in a way it  makes your life beautiful is in your hands. 


You have control over three things in your life 1) WHAT YOU THINK 2) WHAT YOU SAY 3) HOW YOU BEHAVE . To make a change in your life such that it works in your favour you need to understand when to push the ON and OFF buttons in your life.

Sometimes it’s necessary to stand outside and look at your life and in those situations you might have to turn yourself off from everything that would influence your thinking. And there are times when you really need to open your mind and turn on you thoughts to absorb as much inspiration and positivity towards you which would guide you in being successful towards your goal.

We all use computers (keyboard to be specific) just apply the same buttons in your life – CTRL-ALT-DEL.

Control yourself
Look for Alternative solutions
Delete the situation which gives you lack of peace of mind.

Today’s Filipino word prompt is “timpi“ which means “to control one’s self“. Want to join the fun? Find the prompt words HERE! Don’t forget to pingback & use the tag  WordHighJuly. Cheers!!!

8 thoughts on “TIMPI – Word High July”

  1. Oh my!!! Your entries are always on my to-look-forward list! Your sketches makes them more personal and I love reading through your thoughts. I completely agree, we all have complete control over or lives. The choice has always been in our hands. Love the CTRL+ALT+DELETE. I am writing this on my sticky notes as a reminder 💕👏🎉

    Love it, Sneha!

    1. Thanks a ton Maria!! The Filipino words itself are so inspiring that i just cant stop myself from sharing my thoughts!! I have already started using the two in my conversation with friends and making them use it too…

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