Promises on the 29th birthday

I officially welcome you all to my favourite month of the year – JULY <3 It has to be because it is my birthday month, it was on this day that I was born to my lovely parents 28 years back and the journey so far has been beautiful and an amazing roller coaster ride for me. So Happy birthday to the 29-year-old me !!! 😀 Woohooo 

I know many people who find it kiddish when i show the excitement for my birthday but i personally feel you need to celebrate it no matter how  simple or extravagant the celebration is after all it is this day your existence as a human being came into picture.

Nothing can screw my mind or happiness this day I have been sick before on my birthdays yet i celebrated it. I have been alone on my birthday and still i have cut a cake all by myself. So am pretty strong-headed when it comes down to my birthday I am gonna be child like beaming with energy and happiness. Probably this is the only day i wait for so badly. 😀

People make bucket lists (i have a long one to myself let’s have that for some other day), to do lists and many such things. But me being me I kind of prepare lists for my birthday or more like the promises I would make to myself as the candle on the cake is blown – it’s like a new set of revised and updated Resolutions of the year (logically too July is the half of the year and for people to give their procrastinated new year resolutions a check ). This 29th birthday of mine, i make some important and long-term promises to myself cause I have decided no more new lists but one for life long. 


ME: Oh my god! Enough of everyone else it’s gonna be about me henceforth. As long as I am happy people around me are, as long as am fun and humourous so would the ones who care for me be the same I am going to be more happy as a person, more confident and strong in my opinions towards the way i look at life . 

People and Relationship: People come and people go and then there are few who chose to stay in your life forever no matter what. My family and my friends are the ones who made me ME! I promise to take them along in my life’s journey no matter what good or bad happens between them and me.I chose to nourish my relationship with them and make the bond stronger as each day passes by.  I would stop giving discounts to people who are not worthy of me.

Health: Something that I keep neglecting and then regret later. High time i get that lazy ass of the bed and work out! I wana be that old granny who can still lift her grandchildren and play with them even though she is 80.

Career: I have officially completed six years in the IT industry. I now want to focus more on my career and move up the ladder in my professional journey of life. I want to be that super boss who everyone loves and hates at the same time. Who doesn’t like Power ???? 😉

Finance: Bigger the job ,bigger the salary, bigger the salary , more the expenses. But no boy , I am gonna make more the expense yet MORE THE SAVINGS. 😛 I really need to save my taxes 😛 SAVINGS is the KEY to HAPPINESS. Money does buy happiness you see, you need to have money to buy some happiness at times (world tour ..aah!! sounds fun na)

Time Management: Considering the fact that i wana be more career oriented, i really need to buckle up and strategize how I would manage my time in doing things i love along with working hard. I still wana blog as regularly as possible, i want to continue learning something new each year, i do want to become better in my zentangles and doodles.

Kalinaw over Happiness: The last two years have taught me Happiness is more important than peace of mind has been totally misunderstood. Infact it should be the other way round. The peace of mind you feel when you lie down in bed and close your eyes after a long day is a million times more comforting than the happiness you have at the end of day. From now on my focus is in achieving peace of mind more than happiness (which is never permanent). 

So cheers to a new birthday and to a long term list of promises to myself! It’s my day and am gonna cherish it like all my other birthdays. Thanking everyone who has touched my life in some way or another and made me the person that I am today.  To all those people who took time to wish me in whatever means possible. For some yummy cakes to lovely bouquets this birthday was truly amazing!!! <3

Thanks a ton to the word press community for bringing some amazing people in my life who inspire and love me each day, it’s so overwhelming!!!! And thank you to myself for always being there for me. Happy birthday to me !!!! <3 <3 Untitled

Also today’s Filipino word prompt is “Kalinawwhich means serenity, tranquility“. Find the prompt words HERE! Don’t forget to ping back & use the tag WordHighJuly. Cheers!!!


39 Replies to “Promises on the 29th birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday, my friend! Onward and upward.

    1. Thank you so much once again

  2. Congrats, and thank you for sharing such a personal message. Best wishes for the next year!

    1. Thank you so much….that was a lovely message

  3. You’re beautiful both inside out and you’re so honest with yourself. I admire your sheer sincerity and openness. May God grant you, all that you wish for yourself. Once again, Happy birthday to you.???

    1. Thanks a mllion tons… 🙂 am all blushing <3 <3 <3

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Keep rocking and spreading love as always!! 🙂 🙂

  5. Aw. Wishing you a fantastic birthday and a phenomenal year ahead!

    1. thank you so much Ameena!! thanks a ton for the wishes

  6. Happy birthday dear 🙂

    1. thank you so much hasmeet 🙂

  7. I like it because more than saying urself a Happy birthday u created some goals and milestones to reach. That’s more important Sneha..
    And yeah.. The more u earn the more u make tax saving plans .. By that u would be investing more.. And that’s good ..

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 i hope i live up to those promises!!!

      1. I have that confidence on you..

          1. BTW u revealed ur age already 😉

          2. Age is just a number..and it shows how much i have seen life and experienced the beauty of it.. i dont mind sharing my age!!!

          3. Completely agree. Some ladies are not comfortable sharing it . so asked.
            But yeah u have grown with the experience and good to hear u have enjoyed every phase of it..

          4. thankuuuu.. 😀

          5. U r a wonderful woman.. I love all ur writings

          6. thank u…u are making me blush now

          7. 🙂 🙂 how was the day on ur bday..

          8. it was awesome!!! loads of birthday wishes calls and messages, gifts, cake, drive in a mercedes benz, got my tattoo redone..etc

  8. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Hope you get to work on and achieve those points 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Alok!! Fingers crossed!!!!(making promises is easy holding on to them is the tough part)

  9. Great post. Best wishes to you

    1. thank you so much <3

  10. Go you! I had a few too many bad birthday experiences during university where you always had a big presentation for the boss, or a stressful assessment, or something… so now I almost try to squeek by without letting anyone know as some kind of bargain to the universe- if I pretend it isn’t by Bday- then nothing will go wrong! It silly, but its hard to break out of- but I like your way of facing the day with joy regardless of what it brings. 🙂

    1. ohhh sorry to know abt somehow the whole thought of “its my birthday after all” cheers me up..hope the next ones of urs is truly amazing

  11. Happy Birthday !!! ??

    1. thank you so much <3

  12. Happy birthday! 🙂

    1. thank u so much <3

  13. Happy birthday,
    All the best!!
    Have fun..

    1. Thank you so much Tanay 🙂

  14. Late but Anyway
    Happy birthday,

    1. Thank you so much …July is still on and I can keep the wishes coming 🙂

      1. Welcome,
        All The Best.

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