They say men operate in just two modes – 0’s and 1’s (if you know what am talking about) while women have 0’s and 1’s too but with many permutations and combinations. (hence the image :P)

Wooing a woman is as easy as cutting the butter with a knife all you need to know is how and when to do it!! Simple isn’t it? No? well let me tell you more on that – 🙂

We woman love good sense of humour, a happy woman is whom you would all want to be with. Am i hearing men not agreeing to the fact of happy woman – hahaha it’s not a myth trust me. You don’t have to be a comedian or an encyclopedia of good jokes (avoid the Poor Jokes- woman don’t enjoy them at all) all you need to know is how to bring that smile on her face. For me a man who can make me laugh finds his way straight to my heart. Blame it on the female hormones but every once in a while we women tend to be sad and gloomy. I have a bunch of amazing guy friends who have such awesome sense of humour. I can laugh for hours and hours with them, even at the sarcastic jokes they make(if you get it right in the first place itself). So try to be if not funny but a happy person in general and you’ll see how your woman’s face just lightens up as well.

Sapiosexual – that’s what I am. I love men who could talk sense someone who knows about a lot of topics not necessarily all that i know,then there is no fun in learning from your better half. A man who could have an intelligent discussion. I find a man’s brain as his sexiest organ 😀 (thats what sapiosexual literally means) I have met men in life who look really handsome but the moment they open their mouth i must tell you i just wish that moment passes as quickly as possible. To share a story, i had this guy in office who was really handsome, well-built, good features, a really good personality and he was my “temporary crush” that time. I was talking about him to my best friend that how i wish i could just talk to this guy once as i really find him hot. And my friend told me that he knew this guy – they stayed in the same apartment and could set up a meeting like a house party where both of us him and me could meet. But he told me that you should just let it go cause you would regret it later since he knew i liked intelligent men(not nerds not being offensive but naa not them) I insisted on my friend to set it up and told him that he was simply jealous that am giving that “temporary crush” so much importance. And so being the best friend he is , the house party was set and he introduced me to this guy. We got to talking and then ten mins into the conversation i just turned towards my best friend and was like please save me from here. I know my mistake. What happened was this crush wasn’t boring just that his frequency didn’t match with mine at all. He still sounded like a guy who was still in college and was in his own dreamland i mean i just couldn’t connect and understand what he was talking. He made some really bad jokes which didn’t change my blank expression on my face forget about even a smile. And that day i realized Don’t judge a book by its cover!!! Beauty with Brains applies equally on men as it is on women.

Communication : They say to get a woman’s heart a man must first his 😛 Woman love to listen as much as they love to talk. They say men always end up finding solutions to the problems discussed by woman which is a nice gesture but sometimes all we need is you to listen to us. We have already planned in our head what we are gonna do about a problem or have choices in mind we just want to share it with you and know your opinion. Sometimes all we want for you is to LISTEN which is also an important way of communication. Similarly we do want to listen to your problems as well. We love those small talks you men make. And for people like us bloggers who have so many words to speak i think we need someone who can keep up with us. And not reply to our long messages with a “hmm ” or “okay”. It really pisses a woman off. At least type a sentence. (A Blogger for a blogger? :P)

A few other important traits in men that turns me on is Chivalry – a man who knows how to respect a woman is the one who can always find love and respect for them in my heart. You don’t really have to pull the chair and pay the bill on a date night or open the door but more than all these small gestures, the respect you show in your words and actions not just with the woman but people around would really impress any woman. A real woman can do it all by herself..but a real man won’t let her(that’s chivalry. You need to know when and how to do it).

Remember woman have grown up watching their dads and brothers so they would always want to find those traits in the men they like/love. You don’t have to be her dad or brother but  if you could just make her feel she is gonna be equally loved and taken care by you as other men have she will be yours forever.  Respect her space, be a friend to her first. 

A man who remembers all the dates like a calendar, who spends money on his girl, who just talks about money and only calendar but has no passion, good looks all these really matter if you don’t know how to make her happy and feel loved.

So what turns you on in a man? and in a woman? Do you agree with what i have said, please do let me know with your comments. 😀 

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that i saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren 

16 thoughts on “THREE TURN ONs – DAY 03 OF HALF MARATHON”

  1. Awesome post, Sneha, really loved the way you clubbed the facts and the way you expressed yourself through them 🙂 The little encounter with Mr. Hotness was hilarious, by the way 😉 XD I could practically imagine your face going from fascination to blunt confusion 😀 Though I do feel sorry for him 😛 Amusement aside, it’s solid truth some dishy guys’ brains have nothing of their outer charm. All that glitters is not gold 😀
    Lovely post, keep writing and keep entertaining readers 🙂

    1. Deepika – thanks a ton for stopping by and the lovely comment!!! Mr hotness its been ages to that story now.. I prefer talking these days first after that incident. Thanks for the lovely comment and encouragement

  2. I just loved it sneha 🙂 Bang on 😀 Sense of humor is the most important trait, a women seeks in a men 🙂 And then the intelligence ..and i agree by intelligence we don’t mean geeky or nerdy person.. we want a man who can think logically 😉

  3. Love this post Sneha! <3 I agree, a sense of humor, a conversationalist and intelligence goes a long way. Also, if he thinks of her needs more than his own then he's a keeper 😉

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