Wasn’t it obvious that after yesterday’s post on Three Turn-On’s we have to talk about the Turn-Off’s as well. They are i guess more important than the turn on’s because as you grow no matter you are not aware of what are your likes in a person but for sure you know what you don’t want in the person 😛 (did that make any sense?)

Lets come straight to the point – What turns women off? It’s very very easy to screw up a woman’s mood !! We just fluctuate all the time even if it’s not that time of the month our moods have their own mood at times 😀 So here are Four Turn Offs that most women find in men including me

Self obsessed :  I mean come on dude, i know you have good looks, you might be filthy rich and would be street smart but you don’t really have to boast about yourself or be too self obsessed. All this should be appreciated by the opposite person without you mentioning it and not vice versa. Talk about yourself in general what are your likes and dislikes, give room for the lady to also talk about herself and her experiences. Do not dominate the entire conversation only about you…Cockiness would just not help ..!!!

Lack of Passion : This is like very important to the women today, cause they themselves are so passionate about their career and future. Don’t just be lazy and lack that aura about doing something in life. If not climbing mount Everest at least have the passion to go for a drive with your lady,not asking too much from you. Women find it extremely sexy in men who knows what he wants in life and works towards it. No drive no passion, not at all hot or happening !!!

Disrespect and Control : Your woman is your better half and you have no right to control her or treat her like an object. As much as you have a say in important matters, so does she. Be respectful towards her. She doesn’t owe you anything for you to be abusive or violent towards her. You have an opinion about things tell it to her in a calm manner like why you would not want her to do certain thing, don’t force it onto her. (you talk to a woman with love and she’ll do everything for you,the moment you try to order her the same thing oh boy you’ll have the time of your life) . Similarly don’t eat too much of her space, she herself is an individual and has her own individuality so give her that privilege. Don’t be too clingy and over possessive about her. There could be times when she needs to handle other things rather than giving her updates about where she is what she is doing to 24×7 to you (if you insist on doing so, then be prepared to let her also be pestering you 24×7). 

Having a Cold Shoulder attitude : I totally agree with the fact that men don’t like discussing problems and try to find the solution on their own and i totally respect it. But my only concern is why would that still show up in your actions. If you are upset about something or worried discuss it, it doesn’t make you a weaker sex. Keeping it all inside you and making a mountain of the mole simply won’t help you or your woman. Your actions should match with your words, if not then just go ahead and communicate (the key to everything). Woman love listening to others problems so take advantage of that trait and use it your favour, you would never know when she can come up with a solution or just talk you out of not thinking about it much. 

Besides these four turn offs there are few common things that woman don’t like at all which i guess even a kid would know!!! Like bad breath, body odour, not being responsible, being needy, dirty shoes and ohh i totally forgot this one dirty nails…yukk!!!.

We love you men for all that you do for us. We love how you take care of us and pamper us specially when we are not keeping well, how you surprise us by small little gestures, we are not complaining about you we are just helping you tell what you don’t have to do to make it even simpler in us liking you even more. 😀 😀 😀

Please do let me know your feedback, this is the first time am doing such gender based blogs and don’t want to end up having a war with my men readers and followers 😛 So let me know what turns you off both men and women alike are free to answer!!! It would be interesting if one of the male blog follower could come up with their side of the story so that we women would know what we should not be doing and what we should continue doing after all its all about sharing experiences !!! Isn’t it? <3

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that i saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren 

6 thoughts on “FOUR TURN OFFs – DAY 04 OF HALF MARATHON”

  1. Sneha 😀 no nagging, no telling us how to drive the car..giving directions etc..give us lot of love and sometimes when we are quiet..there may be nothing majorly wrong, India could have lost the cricket match..we are sad. Try and understand…Don’t ask too many questions 😄😄😄😄

    1. thank u so much for the update!!! Will keep that in mind..well about how to drive am strictly against it too and i generally dont nag about it when the men are driving or riding
      and yeah if India lost the match, you could tell us the same thing..even we love watching cricket 😛
      Just kidding..thanks for taking time and telling what we should not be doing..please feel free to add on to the list

  2. I love gender-based blogs and I love it more when it comes from a gutsy woman as you! Gulp….but true that most men that I came across in life are ‘blessed’ with the turn-off virtues! And the exceptions became my crush or my boyfriends 😛 I just came to know about the word Sapiosexual from you and I suddenly realize that I am one too! 😛

    1. Thank you so much dii 🙂 I always wanted to blog about such topics but was skeptical but then finally decided to let go of the inhibitions and just go with it..its fun to write such posts and then hear from people… very interesting comments!!!
      And yeah Sapiosexual i got to know like a year back and found it perfectly tailored for people like me and (you now) 😛

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