Hello 🙂 Hope everyone is doing good!!! I am doing good too, i have recently switched to my third company in the six years of IT career and the current role is pretty challenging plus the distance from my home to office is 21+kms :'( 🙁 But i am loving the new vibe, new people, new work etc which is keeping me really busy so much so that I hardly get time to check my blog comments or make posts on time(scheduling a post before itself is really not possible for me, i prefer writing in the spark of the moment) But all is good, as far as i manage to complete the #halfmarathon. And for the #WordHighJuly that i stopped mid way i would complete it over the weekend(hopefully)

So today the prompt is FIVE PEOPLE WHO MEAN A LOT TO ME and for some reason I ‘d not want to make it specific like Mom, Dad, Sibling, a Friend cause everyone’s parents or rather family means a lot to them so lets keep that specifications aside. Rather I’d put it in a generalized way to make it more simpler(for me to quickly publish the post 😛 )

Parents : Since God couldn’t be in all the places he made parents !!! Its as simple as that. No matter how successful we become in life, or even if we become parents in future we would always be the kids in the eyes of our parents. They still care for us if we even catch cold, or get worried when we don’t reach home on time. We make mistakes repeatedly even then they never hate us. We hurt them at times yet they chose to forgive us every single time. They accept us for the way we are. More than that they are the ones who brought us in this world and set those basic moral values within us. We didn’t know from the start that A stands for Apple or what it is to be well-mannered, all this was taught by our parents and we tend to grow up becoming like them someday. So take care of them and love them unconditionally cause no one would love u the way they do.

Siblings : They are your first friends!!! You learn to share things, you learn to give respect, you learn to care and love another person, you learn whats fun and whats a fight. You need to keep that bond strong as you grow. Many siblings tend to part ways cause of their own personal life which is not wrong but then you share the same blood, you shared the same values. Love your sibling as much as you loved them when you were kids. I love my brother and equally fight with him like cats and dogs. He is 34 and am 29 yet our fights are for silly reasons, i have my own ego that am no more your baby sister that he would preach me and for him his ego would be she is so younger to me and yet she is showing attitude but all this is just those silly fights and nothing else as long as you don’t let the ego take over the sibling love. I have a lot of respect for my brother even more after our mother passed away. If it wouldn’t have been him dad and me would have just shattered to pieces even more so. (But that doesn’t mean he gets the remote while watching tv hahaha 😀 )

Teachers : A teacher takes a hand,opens a mind and touches a heart!!! Thank you for guiding us all the years in school and college with your love and affection. The most noble job that you do – guide us, support us, inspire us, teach us. Just as parents plant that seed within us of a future Sneha or X Y Z, it’s the teachers who nurture them with their care and knowledge. We are like clay in their hands and the way they mould us is how our future looks like. If it hadn’t been for my dance teacher who saw me dancing around when i was 5yrs old and took my hand and asked me to join her classes I wouldn’t have completed my diploma in classical dancing. It it wasn’t my English mam in graduation who motivated me to push myself and perform well in studies and extra curricular activities and get a job i wouldn’t have been taking up new challenging roles at work, or my teachers in school who chose me to become the school prefect which has given me the strength for a lifetime to walk up to anyone and on any stage and talk to a crowd.

Friends : This is the family you get to choose on your own !!! Since its Friendship day next month i would talk more about friendship in future posts but here i would want to simply say, parents you don’t have an option to choose, siblings you don’t have an option to choose, teachers you don’t have option to choose – The only people you get to choose are your friends and trust me it’s these friends who actually mold you in the person you are. They accept you with all your flaws, they motivate you when you are low, they cheer for you when you do well, they love you when you can’t count upon your family. This is the family that you need to take along with you as you grow in life – in age and in career. One always needs someone to talk to who would not judge him but listen.

This is an interesting one !!!

People who share the same passion as yours In my case it would be all those people who share the same kind of passion and interest that i have. Be it my friends back in dance class, or my office colleagues who became best friends, or this bunch of blog friends i have made cause we share the passion for writing and speaking out. I always love people who share my interests even if it’s just someone random whom i got to know and might not even be in touch in future but “that moment” makes them my favourite people.!!!! 😀 <3

P.S: this feels like a post made in so much of haste 🙁 But am glad i managed to publish it before the day 5 ends 😀 All is well!!! plus i complete a 100 posts on Life As A Potpourri with this post 😀 Woohoo!!! See my fav people make special things happen for me 😛

100 posts

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that i saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren 

9 thoughts on “FIVE people who mean a lot to me – DAY 05 OF HALF MARATHON”

  1. U know what even I have spent 6 + yrs in IT in Bangalore.. Currently joined a new org.. With a new role of tech lead.and guess what its takes same 20+ kms from my home.. So I’m sure I understand ur point ..
    B)ah yes.. U pointed it out rightly the most important people of life. They say tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are… So the people in your life should make a positive Impact on your life..
    As always yet another great post..

    1. thankuuuuu 🙂 Which firm are u working or the area? I need to travel from HAL to Global Village(mysore road) I take the metro in between still a long journey.!
      and as always thanks a ton for the encouragement <3

  2. blog friends? * wonder if I made the cut * 😀

    I love the 5 categories you’ve told so beautifully. 🙂 I agree. for me too, they hold true.

    Happy hundredth to you and your potpourri! :mrgreen:

    1. Thank you Neha(once again) <3 Blog chatter has been amazing with the half marathon. I really didn't get time to check other posts as I leave around 7am and reach home by 8.30p, Have saved the weekend to check out other works. Thanks for the lovely comments once again

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