We all are home alone at some point of time in life,  🙁 either our parents are out for the weekend attending some function, our roommate has gone home on vacation, our boyfriend/girlfriend have made plans with their gang, husband’s out-of-town, wife has gone to her mother’s place etc etc or simply you stay alone all by yourself. 

Staying alone for a day is okay, you can just kill time and somehow time passes by. Problem is when the duration of staying home alone is for a good long time and not just a matter of few hours 😀


Here i am to help you by giving you some real and practical ideas what needs can be done to actually turn over the boring time at home to a fruitful one for yourself. I have personally tried these so yeah you can count of me for the guarantee. Hope you enjoy and try something out of the list


Unless and until you are way too disciplined or have OCD then you should try reorganizing your closet. It would sound boring and then just something that won’t take much time but trust me when you actually start doing this you wont even realize how time flies by. Other benefits you might just find some clothes of yours which you don’t remember having or that dress you wore on your first date and was kept somewhere hidden which you thought got lost.


All those movies which have been on your watch list which you couldn’t due to those hectic office hours, taking care of kids and family. Why not watch them now. Pick up your favourite genre of movies and start watching them or maybe pick one from each kind of genre or even a tv series like the Game of Thrones, Sherlock Holmes or even FRIENDS. You can just start watching any episode. Why not order some snacks for yourself or make pop corn and create a comfortable sitting, get all cozy and complete marathon. #ChillwithNetflix


You don’t really have to be good at cooking to do this. If you are the kinds who cook for yourself, then try something new and something exotic just for yourself. Or if you are not that great at cooking then why not improve your culinary skills. Bake yourself a cake, or try some cocktail. So many recipes are there on google both written and videos to learn from. Trust me a good meal and a glass of wine would just lift up your spirits.


If you are really not lazy then you can head to a parlour and get yourself pampered. Carry a novel and just read it while the salon people are just treating you like a queen. But then if you are lazy to go to a salon then why not try some parlour tricks at home itself. A pedicure, a hair massage could be easily done all by yourself at home.


Music is the best therapy for any kind of situation. Why not make a playlist as per your mood and daily activities. We all go through different kind of emotions happy, sad and fun and accordingly we tend to listen to the songs. So go ahead and make a playlist for each kind. Songs you’ll prefer listening to while travelling, songs that help you feel more energetic and would work in your favour while working out in the gym or a jog. Mak a playlist of songs that can help you go to sleep. I have a playlist for this one 🙂 I love listening to Only time by Enya’s one hour sleep music specially on days when its hard to get some sleep.


People who enjoy reading would anyways find time to read so this ones for people who don’t find time but always have those books in the back of your mind. Whichever way you like reading, a real hard-paper bound book in hand with a cup of coffee like me or the kindle version for the tech savy ones. To go a step ahead, why not post a review for the book on good reads or site from which you bought it. Would always help someone who is looking for a customer review.


I do read questions on Quora but never tried answering them and one weekend when i was very bored i thought of not answering questions on quora and it was such a fun thing to do.There are so many random questions that people ask on quora from simple to complex and serious questions which you can answer. Highly recommended!!!


I love singing out loud but being the bad even bad bathroom singer i hate singing publically. And i am bad in remembering the lyrics of the song if i don’t sing it out loud so i actually play the karaoke version with the lyrics opened in another page and i sing my heart out. There are so many sites which have the karaoke music be it any kind and any language. You never know your vocal chords might just get better and you would actually have fun. Try shaking a leg or two while singing to spice things up.


If you are the shopping kinds go do yourself that retail therapy or just window shopping. You have all the time to try and try and try new stuff. If you don’t wana step out then online shopping is always an option. If finances are not in favor at least you can save items in your wishlist for later (not my kind of spending time but my friends do this hence a suggestion)


Bucket lists are always a fun thing to do. You can strike of the ones you have already completed and add new ones. Try and figure out the ones you can do within the next month or year, and plan on the ones which need a lot of investment of time and money. Pen down the updated one and post it on your wall so that you keep seeing them and work towards fulfilling it.


All you need is an internet connection and you wont realize how time just flies. You can be that couch potato and just tuck yourself in bed and watch videos on various topics. From how to’s to movies, songs, learning things. To be exact there are 819,417,600 hours of video on YouTube so you can do the math now of how many days. To make this time even more productive try to learn something new. Learn a new skill or how to improve something that you have been doing. I Personally recommend this. It’s only through YouTube and one of the boring home alone days that i found my interest in zentangle and doodling and started learning them religiously.


 Science proves that things that are visual tend to stay longer in our mind. If you are the craftsy kinds or the art lovers you can start a journal book or a scrapbook. You can save all those movie tickets, or boarding passes or post cards to make a travel journal or a recipe book along with your fav recepies. Why not make a vision board and decorate it and keep it somewhere that you can see it very regularly. Its fun, therapeutic and a great experience.


Make list of anything and everything, things you want to do, things you want to buy, things you want to read, things you want to watch, places you want to travel, grocery you need to buy people you need to call up and meet or simply a list just like this one 🙂


Yeah!! why not. Most of the blogs happen just like this. You don’t have to be the ones who are good with words, you can actually start a blog which posts information from other sites(with due courtesy to the source of information). There are various videos and blogs on how to make blogs so you always have a reference to begin with. So go ahead and start a blog and lemme know .

What do you do when home alone or bored? Something you want to share or give me a tip or two which i could try 🙂 Happy Weekend! <3

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter.


17 thoughts on “FOURTEEN things to do when home alone – DAY 14 OF HALF MARATHON”

  1. Fab post Sneha. I have tried, movie/series marathon, reading books, cooking something new, making lists, organizing my closet, youtubing, journalling and of course creating a blog, something which I did around 3 years ago. So now I am only focussing on the last one (my blog) and creating content for it. And since I work from home and also professionally create content (content writer) I always try my best to give maximum time to that, which I have struggled with for long before as you have other things on the list asking for your attention (these here are just 14, and you know there are innumerable more), but now I have streamlined things and have begun focusing on the vital few. 😀 Also your post gave me an idea for a blog post, so thanks

    1. thanks a ton for stopping by Om. Glad that u loved it.. do let me know the post which was inspired by my post 😛 would love to have a read . Content writer – i always fancy this job must be such a cool thing:) All the best for ur work both blog and content writing. happy weekend..

  2. I love having the house to myself!! The days when I do, I don’t even feel like going to office. I just want to luxuriate in having all the space and time for me, myself and I!

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