July was a beautiful month; Totally awesome for so many reasons. I didn’t realize how these 31 days passed by. Hop along to know how i celebrated this month in my Monthly Favorites section called ECHOES and July for me was a JOYOUS JULY <3 <3 <3

Birthday Month:
What other reasons one wants for a month to be special?! It was my birthday and i beautifully turned 29. Can’t believe its my last year in my 20’s and it was as special as any other birthday bringing more happiness, goals and promises to self. Friends make your birthday so special when you are away from family and they have been a major reason for my birthdays to be so beautiful every year, be it grand or small celebrations it has always been perfect in its own way. So many wishes from all over the world, thanks a ton to all the blogging community and some amazing friends i made through blogging which was special. And a bunch of hugs to my always so special dear friends who pamper me with love and more importantly pamper me with unconditional love. #Happybirthdaytome 🙂 Looking forward to complete all the promises i made to self.

Blog updates:
I am happy i managed to make good number of posts(22) through the #halfmarathon hosted by Blogchatter. In fact i finished two challenges one a list of 10 day prompts which was inspired from a fellow bloggers post followed by 5 more adding to it. I am also gonna post the review for 6 Degrees soon which i am about to get complete again something being encouraged by Blogadda team. It would be my first video post,watch out for more on that. Well one thing which i couldn’t complete was the Word High July hosted by my dear friend Maria and her buddy. I did start it on a good note but lost track of it 🙁 Something that am not really proud of my first challenge that i couldn’t complete. I would though try to use those words in my blog as and when possible. Its always good to learn a new language.

New Job:
Yeah so besides my birthday the other major life event was my new job, i mean same job but with a new firm with a better role and package 😛 I now work for an Indian company which am really proud about called the Mindtree. Its been more than two weeks and i feel good about it. Anything new in life is always a mixed emotions there is excitement, there is fear, there is fear of rejection and being accepted. Its all about starting from scratch to make your presence and make your own place in a big team.

I have made a bunch of colleagues with whom i can chit and chat so its good. Work is keeping me on my toes. Only thing not good about this whole thing is the travel to work -24 kms to be exact that is summed up by almost an hour and half an over ride broken down in parts first a cab to the metro then half an hour in metro again half an hour and bus for me to reach the office at 9.15 am in the morning. So my whole schedule has been changed right with the time i sleep and wake-up the time i eat and everything else. But every trouble and pain is worth the peace of mind i get when i wake up each day to head to work that i love.

Cloud raiders: 
Remember last time when i mentioned about this game which i am addicted to Cloud Raiders ? Well the addiction is only getting stronger 😛 That time i was on level 13 and today am currently at 39 with a lot more army and a decent kingdom. Check out the image below. Its a strategic game with lot of thinking and more than that lot of patience needed. Every time i make an upgrade to one of my weapons it takes min 12 hours which i need to wait unless i spend money (literally money) and buy time. Liking the game..oh let me correct..loving the game! 🙂WhatsApp-Image-20160629

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-07 at 13.53.41


This is my first post in the month of August. One of my best friend is in the ICU for over a week now and is on ventilator after a brain hemorrhage. I request you all to pray for him and for a miracle to happen. He is one of the most purest souls i have met in my lifetime. Having known him for more than a decade now its really a tragedy to see him like this. 🙁 All he needs is our prayers and for that miracle to happen.  #prayforShiva

 Hope your July month was fantastic, its almost half a month in August so late to ask that question was not in the mood really. Lets enjoy each day with our loved ones because life is so uncertain. 



10 thoughts on “ECHOES – JOYOUS JULY”

  1. Glad that you had a great month/ Belated happy birthday!
    And I sincerely hope that your friend is alright now.
    Tell me more about the game. I really want to play 🙂

    1. July was wonderful.. and august was good but didnt get to enjoy it.. hectic work and then i lost my friend after he fought for two weeks for life.deeply shaken. life is so uncertain.
      More on the game later 🙂 install it and give it a try

  2. Wish you a belated happy birthday. Hope you had a lovely day :).

    You know I always admire bloggers who fulfill all these blogging challenges. While I have dared to take part only in a few, I have still managed not to complete many :(. It gets so difficult with work and everything of that sort. But then, it’s always good to attempt and try to see one goes ahead :D.

    Congrats for your new job and I must say Mindtree is a pretty good company :). Though yeah travelling for 24kms must be making you crazy. I can only imagine considering for me my house was 5 minutes away from my office when I was in India :D.

    The game looks to be quite interesting. Reminded me of Age of Empires for some reason ;).

    By the way hope your friend is doing better now.

    1. Thanks a ton for stopping by and actually commenting on almost everything i had spoken about. More than a comment it now feels like a one on one conversation
      Mindtree – still getting used to the work culture and all but since its my third the adjusting rate is pretty high 🙂 😛 Travel is killing me havent blogged anything since August which sucks 🙁 i really need to find a work around. Had signed up for Alexa challenge but i doubt i could even attempt. terribly loaded with work and weekend i just spend time in catching up all that lost sleep :'(.
      Cloud raiders is similar to Age of Empire and clash of clans.. only entertainment as of now amidst the hectic work, that helps me kill time in long travel to work and home.
      My friend passed away last month 16th after fighting with life for two weeks.. that too took a huge toll on me emotionally.

      1. Haha yeah after I commented I realized that it’s like a blog post in itself ;).

        Can totally empathize with your situation regarding not being able to blog due to so much work. It’s my weekly story and I try to do as much as I can but it’s never enough. Funnily enough, you just before this Alexa thing happened, I was cribbing to myself that my Alexa rank has slid down from 600,000 at one time to around 3,000,000 today :(.

        Oh being the third, I am sure you’ll adjust just fine ;). Wow if it’s a mix of AOE and COC, then it sure sounds like a cool one :D. You know I always wish why wasn’t my home next to the office. Hate the travel time back and forth and the excessive headache it causes :/.

        Oh may your friend rest in peace. Really sorry for your loss. Hope you get the strength to get over it and start afresh again.

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