First ever #BookReview on my blog and a start to many more am sure 🙂 I think being part of the Blogchatter community has been one of the best decisions in terms of blogging life and many others. 
Can you imagine 33 EBooks were published this year as part of the Blogchatter EBook Carnival giving wings to dreams of many bloggers who now have a book under their names, included in the Good Reads as well ! That’s huge for any budding author am sure. 

A- Z of Minimalism by Upasna

About the Book: Today am reviewing one such book from this amazing lot of authors and its A-Z of Minimalism. The first thing that caught my eye was the word #minimalism. A lot has been spoken about this all around the world and lately i have been trying to understand this process.  And to read it from someone who is a blogger friend makes it believable even more. The book speaks about the journey and gives an insight on how to achieve a minimalist life through the experiences of the author herself. 

About the Author: Speaking of which reminds me to introduce you to the author of the book the beautiful Upasna who blogs at Life Through my Bioscope about self improvement, parenting tips, experiences and much more. Upasna is a super woman herself, being a full time professional, a full time mother, blogger and now an author as a feather on her cap.

My take on the book:  
1. Before i started reading the book, i was wondering what could the 26 chapters be within the subject of Minimalism and it came as a surprise to me when i started reading each of these. Life experiences described beautifully in a well structured manner that doesn’t lose the interest in readers.
2. Not monotonous at all. Even though the topic remains same throughout all the chapters that is minimalism even then there is never an instance when I have lost my pace or felt anything repetitive. Its a pleasant read as if someone is sitting right in front of you and talking about it.
3. Connects. For me any book specially topics like these interest me if am able to relate to the content in it and this definitely captures that essence beautifully. Its a book for people of any age or profession thereby making it flexible and versatile.
4. I love how each chapter leaves an open ended question for the readers to ponder over what they have just read and letting all that sink in . Also the exercises towards the end is very interesting and not restricted to a certain topic but gives alternatives and has no set rules.

My suggestions:  I would really want Upasna to start a video series on the same lines and show us how some of these approaches has helped her be it just de-cluttering the wardrobe. There are tons of videos on Minimalism and am sure with such good content , Upasna’s videos would add on to this amazing journey of minimalism.

Please do download (it’s free!!! ) a copy of the same by clicking here Blogchatter Ebook Carnival and give it a read specially if you have ever wondered what minimalism is all about. the link also has all the other 33 EBooks which are part of this series(including mine :D) 

P.S: these books are also available on Good Reads (yeah you heard it right)

Stay tuned for more #bookreviews until then Happy Blogging!!! 

2 thoughts on “Book Review# 01 – A -Z of Minimalism by Upasna”

  1. I can’t thank you enough Sneha for the lovely mention and a good tip on starting Videos on the same lines. I never expected such a good review. Thanks again. I will definitely come up with something like that.

    1. most welcome!!! I watch a lot of youtube videos and few of whom i have subscribed to talk a lot about minimalism. Not really seen Indian youtubers doing it .. so it would be great if you come up with yours…. 🙂

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