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Thirty days just went by in a flash specially when I have lot stuff happening that is keeping me absolutely busy so much so that i hardly get time to blog. I mean after working a week on my laptop, weekend is the time when i want to stay as far as possible from this “can’t stay without device” besides the mobile phone. And so I am a week late in putting up my Monthly Favorites series – a rewind in living up those beautiful moments which made up Just about it June 🙂

Blog update:  As mentioned, i didn’t get much to write even though i had jotted down a lot of blog post ideas but that’s okay, it’s never to late to be written down. But i am glad i started doing the Reviews section that includes both books and products. If you haven’t checked it out, please do read my review on the beautiful looking Matrika Creative Journal you might want to add to your collections and also the amazingly talented Upasna’s A-Z of Minimalism Ebook . More reviews on it’s way this month, stay glued. I really need to start writing more…………..somebody help me with some motivation!!!! Also if you have not read My First Ebook yet, then please please do.. it would mean the world to me. You can read about it more hear and you can download it for free.

Work:  Work..well its been a month in my new team and am liking it, finally settling down with the new colleagues and work, also thanks to the team trip we had to a beautiful resort – Discovery Village, under the foothills of Nandi Hills. Though i admit am kind of feeling under utilized in this new team but can’t really complaint since its the story when you move to any new team which has been there for a long time unlike a project where everyone is new. So yeah am trying hard to get my self reached out to more people and to let them know that i can take up responsibilities which i love doing and being challenged at work and as i type this, there are few things on plate already so kind of seeing the results for the past one month. I can do this, i have always trusted my hard work and it has always paid off at work 🙂  

Travelogue:  I love those months which have a travel story to tell and this June i went to one of the most beautiful places in India – Trivandrum, Kerala (and also my grandparents place). It was a trip with the colleagues to another colleagues house warming(you can see him in the pictures with his cute daughter Vedika) . A very beautiful house with the balcony view to the Arabian sea. Calm and away from all the city hustle bustle. The trip also included a trip to the southernmost tip of the mainland India – Kanyakumari. We happened to go for the sunrise, but we just managed to see the sun rising slightly above the horizon cause the rest was all covered by the clouds. But it was beautiful to be by the beach as the sun rays fell on earth. And the next destination was the pristine beach of Varkala. 

#30LIFELESSONS: Something really exciting i did in the month of June was the 30 day countdown to turning 30 on my Instagram where i posted from June 6th until July 5th (30days) of the #30LIFELESSONS that i had learnt over the thirty years of my life. It was the most amazing thing i have done on Insta unlike the usual challenges (like #fmsphotoaday) that i do cause this was my own idea. You can check out my Instagram for the various posts, putting up a few here as a sneak peek. 

What i look forward in July. The best month of the year for the simple reason that it’s my birthday month. And as i post this blog, my birthday is already over . It was on the 5th and will definitely share how i spent my birthday in another post. But yeah this birthday is special as i’ll be turning THIRTY!!! (turned 30 realistically) .The big 3-0 yeah i hit it and all i feel is good about it. I feel #30yearsyounger 🙂

Also , another thing that am looking forward to is the one year wait for the next season of Game of Thrones .. i am equally excited for this as much i am for my birthday. Have u seen the trailer? Its KICKASS….. can’t keep calm seriously.. just 1o days to go..

How was June for you, i would love to hear about it? And any tips for being more active with the blog thing. Hoping July is as beautiful as June for you all and for me. The weather in Bangalore has been amazing and am loving this city of dreams and aspirations. And let me know if you are excited for Game of Thrones as much as i am !!!!

Happy Blogging!!! Live. Love. Laugh <3 <3 <3


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