Hello Potpourriers,

Firstly thanks for dropping in by my blog specially in this fast paced life where people are not able to find time for themselves it means a lot to go through someone else’s piece of work. And for a person like me who is new to the world of blogging, i really appreciate it.

So i request you to be sincere and honest with your comments and feedback. Please do let me know how i can improve and become a better blogger.Also if there is some topic that you want me to talk about or something that you have been searching for i can get it posted here.

I was always into writing be it for school or college or office newsletters. I also enjoyed saving pieces of others work as well. Blogging was something that was always on my mind and must have started a blog n number of times and then delete it (yeah i know..most of us start things and leave it half way..but that’s how humans are).

And then i moved to this IT job… hahaha i guess i need not say much. 😉 yeah i didn’t get time and i didn’t get time for anything else other than going to the office and coming back home(including the Bangalore traffic – you spend at least 12 hours outside home.

Enough of it i said one day to myself – apparently while i was doing some serious work at office!! I started this blog .

Now the easiest part is to get a blogging site and start writing !!! Yeah right..wish it was that easy but what followed was a series of things that needed to be decided – which i am gonna write in my post WHAT IS THE TOUGHEST PART ABOUT BLOGGING

Do let me know your comments on it. !!

P.S : i am gonna make sure i stick to this final blog of mine and be as active as possible!! 🙂

Stay happy and stay positive. There is nothing you can’t do in this world all you have to do is try. The answer is always NO until you ask for it.

Sneha (gal from the island)