This page is like a small index kinda thing as part of the #AtoZChallenge 2016. All the posts published as part of the ongoing challenge can be accessed from here making navigation easier for all my lovely readers ❤ (and for me sometimes 😉 ). Idea courtesy by My Random Musings 

If you are new to AtoZChallenge then this should help you with all details from the A to Z of the AtoZChallenge – A to Z of the #AtoZChallenge

Theme Reveal – Theme Reveal 2016 – Emotions

Tips and Tricks –  Last Lap Preparations and Being a Minion – Holton’s Heroes

A for Anticipation – Day 01 – ANTICIPATION

B for Boredom – Day 02 – BOREDOM

C for Courage – Day 03 -COURAGE

D for Disappointment – Day 04 -DISAPPOINTMENT

E for Empathy – Day 05 – EMPATHY

F for Fear – Day 06 – FEAR

G for Guilt – Day 07 – GUILT

H for Happiness – Day 08 – HAPPINESS

I for Irritated – Day 09 – IRRITATED

J for Jealousy – Day 10 – JEALOUSY

K for Kindness –  Day 11 – KINDNESS

L for Love – Day 12 -LOVE

M for Melancholy – Day 13 – MELANCHOLY

N for Nothing – Day 14 – NOTHING

O for Obstinate – Day 15 – OBSTINATE

P for Pride –  Day 16 – PRIDE

Q for Quietened – Day 17 – QUIETENED

R for Rage – Day 18 – RAGE

S for Sadness – Day 19 -SADNESS

T for Trust – Day 20 – TRUST

U for Umbrage – Day 21 – UMBRAGE

V for Vulnerable – Day 22 – VULNERABLE

W for Wonder –  Day 23 – WONDER

X for Xenophobic – Day 24 – XENOPHOBIC

Y for Young – Day 25 – YOUNG

Z for Zest – Day 26 – ZEST

Reflections Post – My first ever #AtoZChallenge


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Strong willed | Sapiosexual |Cheerful person and a true Cancerian!!! An “amalgamated” “MALLU” (for my non-Indian friends, people from the state of Kerala are called Malayali, but the rest of India has started calling them Mallus lately) as we are addressed by our fellow Indian citizens. Brought up in Andaman islands and living up in a place where people respect another person for their individuality and not the profession, caste or religion has made me a very cosmopolitan in nature and not believe in what many called as taboos. I am a passionate dancer. I enjoy travelling, trying everything possible in life..i don’t want to regret while am about to kick the bucket. Besides cooking, writing. I enjoy all kinds of sports. Sadly none of these are my profession. I am techie working with a product based firm and have been in Bengaluru for the last 6 years.