April is closing and it is time for another round of nerve cracking, time-consuming and almost killing you to death kind of Blogging Challenge – the #AtoZChallenge and am all set for it. All the prep work is in progress and am assuming i would finish of all the cosmetic work related to all the 26 posts before April 1st reaches.

Some of the prep work for instance is – Keeping all the 26 posts look similar in terms of appearance, font, background , signature, opening and closing and stuff like that. So that all i need to do on the day of blogging is just fill it with the content (i am bad at scheduling posts). And another such prep work which would eventually help me is to prepare this Summary page where in i link all the posts related to the #AtoZChallenge thereby making it easier for me and hopefully the readers just to navigate to that page. I also have it as a side bar but still this gives me a little satisfaction (for now 😉 ).

If you are new to this then you should definitely check out the A-Z Community page where you have all the necessary information related to this challenge. You could get tips, suggestions anything that you ask for to help you take up this challenge – A to Z Community Page

A to  Z Challenge 2016 – #AtoZChallenge 2016 in a summary

Theme Reveal – Theme Reveal 2016 – Emotions

A for – Amazing Andamans

B for – Beaches Beaches Beaches


D for – DUGONG

E for – Experience Scuba Diving | My first

F for – Flora and Fauna


H for – Heavenly HAVELOCK Islands


J for –  Missed posting this 😦 I wanted to write about the Jarawas tribe

K for – KAALAPANI (Story of Prison Life)

L for – Lesser Known Facts

M for – missed yet another post on Mangroves

N for – Nicobar|Neil|North Bay Islands

O for – Out of the Ordinary|Limestone Caves

P for – Planning a trip to Andaman? Must know!

Q for – wanted to document the experience of my friends who recently made a week long trip to the islands.

R for – ROSS ISLAND | Remains of History

S for – had plans of sharing some stats related to the islands

T for – TSUNAMI | My experience

U for – Untouched & Unexplored Tribes of Andaman Islands

V for – VOLCANOES of the Islands

W for –  Why is it called Mini India

X for – X-tra special for some special reasons

Y for – Yahoo!!! I belong here

Z for – zip zap zoom – a final thought on growing up in the islands and an aerial view

Reflections Post – 


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Strong willed | Sapiosexual |Cheerful person and a true Cancerian!!! An “amalgamated” “MALLU” (for my non-Indian friends, people from the state of Kerala are called Malayali, but the rest of India has started calling them Mallus lately) as we are addressed by our fellow Indian citizens. Brought up in Andaman islands and living up in a place where people respect another person for their individuality and not the profession, caste or religion has made me a very cosmopolitan in nature and not believe in what many called as taboos. I am a passionate dancer. I enjoy travelling, trying everything possible in life..i don’t want to regret while am about to kick the bucket. Besides cooking, writing. I enjoy all kinds of sports. Sadly none of these are my profession. I am techie working with a product based firm and have been in Bengaluru for the last 6 years.