GUNITA – Word High July

Today’s Filipino word prompt is Gunati which means “Memories“ and also I have been nominated a second time for the Three Day Quote Challenge by my friend Giri . Please do visit his blog where he posts many informative pieces over a large variety of topics. Hence today I would be posting three of my favourite quotes with Gunati as […]

TINATANGI – Word High July

Life has become worth living, when I realized there are a few heart beats to be missed and a few kisses to be received!!!! <3 <3 <3 – upang tinatangi Today’s Filipino word prompt is “Tinatangi“ meaning  “Special Someone“ Come on! Write a poem or a fiction Snap a photo under the sun A six-word tale or a long […]

TIMPI – Word High July

You can CONTROL your life because you know yourself better than anyone. Situations, people, events everything can change around you since change is constant, how you can incorporate these changes in a way it  makes your life beautiful is in your hands.  You have control over three things in your life 1) WHAT YOU THINK 2) WHAT YOU […]