#AtoZChallenge DAY14: N for NOTHING

Day: #14 || Alphabet : N|| Theme: Emotions || Word: Nothing Yesterday I spoke about melancholy which many people interpret as being sad and that’s not what it is,melancholy is a feeling when you have no reason but yet are gloomy and worried about so many things but nothing specific. Similarly there is another emotion or rather […]

#AtoZChallenge DAY13: M for MELANCHOLY

Day: #13 || Alphabet : M || Theme: Emotions || Word: Melancholy Yeah!! We are half way through the 26-day #AtoZChallenge 2016 and I guess am going good so far and looking forward to the day I complete this challenge, can anticipate the happiness I would be feeling.  Having said that today I have chosen an […]

#AtoZChallenge DAY10: J for JEALOUSY

Day: #10 || Alphabet : J || Theme: Emotions || Word: Jealousy Day 10 of #AtoZChallenge yes..ten days is an achievement in a 30 day daily challenge specially when its your first time ever and I am gonna celebrate it with another guest post by my very dear about whom I have mentioned many times in my blog – […]

#AtoZChallenge DAY09: I for IRRITATED

Day: #09 || Alphabet : I || Theme: Emotions || Word: Irritated I had an amazing weekend, sometimes taking a break from the hustle bustle of the daily life is so very rejuvenating; even more during this summer sitting with your best buddies looking across the valley with clouds that seem to be just a hand away […]

#AtoZChallenge DAY08: H for HAPPINESS

Day: #08 || Alphabet : H || Theme: Emotions || Word: Happiness Today as part of the #AtoZChallenge  the emotion I have picked up is the most important and vital emotion we try to feel every single day. In fact for which we work hard, love people and do everything possible to reach that state of mind where we […]