Six things I wish I’d never done – DAY 06 OF HALF MARATHON

~~ Never regret something that once made you happy ~~ This has always been one of the principles I have in life. I am not the ones who would regret doing something because I was well aware of the fact of what I was doing and what the consequences would be- so regret is not […]

FIVE people who mean a lot to me – DAY 05 OF HALF MARATHON

Hello 🙂 Hope everyone is doing good!!! I am doing good too, i have recently switched to my third company in the six years of IT career and the current role is pretty challenging plus the distance from my home to office is 21+kms :'( 🙁 But i am loving the new vibe, new people, […]


Wasn’t it obvious that after yesterday’s post on Three Turn-On’s we have to talk about the Turn-Off’s as well. They are i guess more important than the turn on’s because as you grow no matter you are not aware of what are your likes in a person but for sure you know what you don’t want in the […]


They say men operate in just two modes – 0’s and 1’s (if you know what am talking about) while women have 0’s and 1’s too but with many permutations and combinations. (hence the image :P) Wooing a woman is as easy as cutting the butter with a knife all you need to know is […]

Two Smileys – Day 02 of Half Marathon

Hello everyone and a happy weekend.. today am in a happy mood and hence day 2 is gonna be about my two favourite smileys:) or rather two smileys that define my life almost all the time and they are  😍 and 😂 Yup the love and fun smiley. I always love appreciating people, things and […]

One Confession – Day 01 of Half Marathon

~~ Stop pressing Rewind on the things that need to be Deleted from your life ~~ I started this blog with an intent to express my views about life and everything that revolves around it with other people out there but more importantly this blog was more of a personal diary to me. I wrote things that either i […]

GUNITA – Word High July

Today’s Filipino word prompt is Gunati which means “Memories“ and also I have been nominated a second time for the Three Day Quote Challenge by my friend Giri . Please do visit his blog where he posts many informative pieces over a large variety of topics. Hence today I would be posting three of my favourite quotes with Gunati as […]

TINATANGI – Word High July

Life has become worth living, when I realized there are a few heart beats to be missed and a few kisses to be received!!!! <3 <3 <3 – upang tinatangi Today’s Filipino word prompt is “Tinatangi“ meaning  “Special Someone“ Come on! Write a poem or a fiction Snap a photo under the sun A six-word tale or a long […]

TIMPI – Word High July

You can CONTROL your life because you know yourself better than anyone. Situations, people, events everything can change around you since change is constant, how you can incorporate these changes in a way it  makes your life beautiful is in your hands.  You have control over three things in your life 1) WHAT YOU THINK 2) WHAT YOU […]